Children’s Craft Idea: How to Make Green Slime!

I wanted to post a quick idea for a fun Halloween activity for the kiddos.  I know a lot of you on the East Coast have power outages and are facing these horrible storms so I thought this might be something to keep the kids entertained for a bit. I love activities like this because my husband actually did this one with the girls.  Usually I am the hostess of our craft adventures but anything to do with slime, I figured he would be in. The recipe is super simple- here is what you do:

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Children's Craft Idea: Green Slime!
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Green Slime recipe
  • 4oz Elmer's Glue (blue, clear or white)
  • 2 teaspoons Borax
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Food Coloring
  1. Mix 4oz glue with 1 cup water.
  2. Stir in your coloring- either food coloring or if you can find glow in the park washable paint in a craft store that would be fun too. Just add a few drops according to how vibrant the color you want.
  3. In a separate bowl, mix 2 teaspoons Borax and ⅓ cup warm water. Stir until dissolved.
  4. Mix both bowls together and you have slime!!

Now I didn’t have glow in the dark paint on hand so I had the clever idea of adding about 1 tablespoon of this glow in the dark nail polish we got for Halloween. That was not a good call because the slime smelled like nail polish- so either food coloring or a washable paint would probably be best. You might want to use 1 teaspoon of Borax for a slimier consistency or use 2 teaspoons for a denser consistency. I used 2 teaspoons and mine came out nice and firm yet squishy- sort of like a firmer version of hair gel. What you see pictured above is a little neon green food coloring.  If you have fans of all things glittery in your house, you might add some of that. I had a green glitter stashed away from the Dollar Store and the girls LOVED adding that in.  Just dump it on top of your glob and squish with your hands to blend it in. Oh one last little note- the color of glue you choose will make a difference in the color of your slime. Either way is nice but clear glue gives you truer color and a white glue will make the color slightly more pastel. Time to play!! Once the kiddos are finished you can just put it in an air tight container or a Ziploc and you are all done!   If you do not have Borax or you don’t want to work with Borax, you might also consider this recipe for Oobleck which just calls for Corn Starch.  The consistency is way different so both projects are fun! **Recipe above is adapted from eHow.


  1. Angelica says

    Just one question… please, bear with me, since english is not my primary language, so I may be loosing something in the translation…

    The recipe says Borax… isn’t that like toxic for children?, I ask because I have a 3 year old girl who would absolutely love this (with lots of glitter) but I’m a bit reluctant to use borax… but the other recipe you give with corn starch doesn’t look quite as… Slimy!… thanks in advance…

  2. Charlene says

    Angelica- Borax can be toxic if consumed in large quantities. Just like other items you might have in your home- like fabric softeners and such. Borax is something I handle myself and I never leave the box out. It can be a skin irritant so you don’t want the kids playing with the box or ingesting it. I have not had any issues making slime but my children are always supervised with it and they don’t have access to straight Borax and they are obviously old enough to not put this in their mouth. So if yours is a little too young to understand that you might be better off skipping this activity :).

  3. BABS says

    Good day
    is there no other “saver” alternative for the borax? What is the purpose for borax, since I am not using it myself, never thought of it, however.!

    These are such great ideas for fete’s, children’s entripeneur’s days, church fund raising and even making a $ or 2 along the way.
    Babs Myburgh
    Sasolburg SOUTH AFRICA


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