Walgreens: Make Any Purchase and Get a $10 Gift Card


You can get a $10 gift card when you make any purchase at Walgreens through 9/15.  This is a great deal.  Plus this is a good week to do this offer because there are lots of good deals in the weekly coupon matchups.

Please note that this is for new customers of Plink only.

The gift card choices include lots of different places-  Kohls, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks and others.

Here is what you do:

Register for Plink and you will need to put in your debit card information.  This is how they track what you spent.  Make sure whatever card you register is the one you make your purchase with so they can track everything and put the points in your account.

Make any purchase at Walgreens by 9/15.

Gift cards will be awarded within 7 business days of when the transaction is posted.

Head over here to register for Plink and get started.

*new customers only.


  1. Tracy says

    Do you feel that this is completely safe? I had to log into my bank account through their website to connect my debit card but I don’t think I was giving them my login info, just logging in? I tend to trust everything that you post but that did make me pause for a moment. Just curious on your thoughts.

  2. Charlene says


    I was very uncomfortable with Plink. I did not post them for a long time because no way was I giving out my personal info. I had several friends that tried it out and then I tried it out and I haven’t had any issues personally. I haven’t heard any negative remarks either and I have posted several times. So I guess I understand they want to track your shopping habits and they need to access your debit card to do that. It worked fine for me but no I can’t promise it is totally and completely safe :).

    If you feel uncomfortable at all just skip it is my thought. $10 isn’t worth not following your gut ;).

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