Target: Back to School Clearance!


I was browsing through Target and noticed that Back to School Supplies are on clearance right now. Backpacks were starting at 50% off and many were under $10.00. School supplies were starting at 30% off.

Just be aware that not every Target store has the same clearance schedule and not every item is on clearance. Make sure you scan the items first to see if they are marked down.

It seemed that it was mainly Up & Up school supplies that were on clearance. There are a couple coupon and Cartwheel deals out right now that would be great to use on these cheap items:

$1/4 Up & Up School Supplies, Target Mobile  (Text OFFER to 827438), Exp 9/6
15% off Up & Up Pencils, Target Cartwheel
15% off Up & Up Notebooks, Target Cartwheel
15% off Up & Up Binders, Target Cartheel
10% off Up & Up Folders, Target Cartwheel

You might also grab this coupon:

They have really nice watercolors- my store had the glitter watercolors for just $1.47 on clearance.  Those are usually close to $3.

While you are there grab some Huggies Baby Wipes for $.74!


  1. says

    This isn’t related to school supplies, but is Target related. Did you see the 2 coupons on Cartwheel for 50% off 2 different Super Monster High Dolls? Well, I loaded them up and found the prices to be $19.99. So I paid less than $10 after my red card for each doll. I am saving them for my 8 yr old sister for xmas. I just thought I’d mention it b/c it seems like a great deal on these things, and the cartwheel coupon expires on 9/7 I think.

  2. Charlene says

    Brooke you might be right on that but I bought some kids clothing the other day and they worked on the clearance and non clearance. So who knows :)

  3. EC says

    Thx for heads up! I tried Cartwheel with 30% clearance binders & it worked! Paid $1.78 for Up&Up 2-inch binder after clearance plus 15% Cartwheel. Inquired about next markdown. Sometime in next five days, according to team member at my Target.

  4. Jasmine says

    All of my cartwheel coupons have worked on clearance so far, even though they all said they wouldn’t…

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