Rainbow Fruit Cups {Healthy Snack for Children}

Rainbow Fruit Cups (healthy treat for kids!)

I made some cute little fruit cups for my daughter’s preschool class party today and wanted to pass along this idea.  I love these fruit cups because they are so lovely in person- my little girl’s were THRILLED to see these come out of the fridge.

It is so quick and so easy and this would be a great option for birthday parties or class parties as an alternative to sweets.

I have two ways to serve the fruit cups and I can tell you first hand I ate two of these today so they are delicious.

rainbow fruit cups

The first option is just to layer several kids of fruit into little clear plastic cups.  I found that 3 colors or more is best and you can use any fruit that is in season.  I ran low on fruit and had a few cups that were just raspberries, pineapple and grapes and they still looked great.

A few other suggestions:

  • I used Kiwi to create my green layer and found it didn’t hold up nearly as well as the green grapes (sliced in half).  You might also try Honeydew.
  • Purple grapes would be a great addition if you use honeydew or kiwi for the green layer.
  • I would avoid apples and bananas for the yucky brown factor.
  • I used tangerines for the orange layer but mango would be fantastic as well or cantaloupe.
  • Layer it all at the last minute to keep the colors nice and bright.

I just cut up all the fruit the night before- and for little ones I diced the fruit for small bite size pieces.  I started with red since I used blueberries and I think those would have been crushed at the bottom of the cup.

The next morning right before the party I just layered all the fruit in little cups, topped with saran wrap and that was it!

Rainbow Fruit Cup

If you want to make something a little sweeter (for say a birthday party)- I mixed up some fresh whipped cream and added a nice dollop on top. Then for crunch factor, I added some mashed up graham crackers. This was so delicious!!  Chopped nuts, shaved chocolate or toasted coconut would also be fantastic!  Just a little goes a long way.

In our school snack time is at 9:30am- so the kids are celebrating with cookies and cupcakes and getting all that sugar first thing in the morning.  This is a great alternative.  I would just bring the whipped cream and dollop it as you hand out the cups.

It really is very simple and the children will love it.

Healthy Snacks for Kids

One last little tip, if you are taking this to a park or sporting event or something, you can use just a tiny bit of Washi tape to tape a spoon or fork on the cup.  Washi is perfect because you can write the name of the child on the cup.

Healthy Snacks for Children


And here is another fun snack idea– Watermelon lollipops!

Watermelon Lollipops- easy and fun treat for children

And one more of our favorites– watermelon sorbet.  No ice cream maker needed!

watermelon lime sorbet recipe


  1. Dara says

    These look scrumptious — and I’m sure the teachers are
    thrilled to see a healthy party treat. Well done!

  2. Nicole says

    These will go great with the rainbow cupcakes at my daughters party this weekend! I was going to do the “rainbow” fruit anyways, but now I will put them into the cups. Such a cute idea!!

  3. cathy says

    charlene, i loved looking at the watercolor birthday party idea. i think you could do that at any age. maybe combine with decorating your own cupcakes/cookies (art on paper, art on cupcake…).

  4. cathy says

    do you think a dollop of vanilla yogurt would work? i don’t keep whipped cream around my house but usually have yogurt. maybe a parfait with some granola. makes me hungry…

  5. Nicole says

    Wow, that is so cute and creative. Way above anything I am prepared to do this year. The seven month old might have something to do with that! Thanks for the party ideas!!

  6. Charlene says

    @ Cathy- absolutely! The homemade whipped cream is easy and so delicious though. You should try it sometime :)

  7. Ellen says

    Love these! Any reason why the colors are “upside down”? I’m sure my kids would ask.

  8. Charlene says

    Ellen- I have never once had a child ask why it is upside down :). I bring these as treats for class parties and other things all the time. I just layered the red on the bottom because the blueberries would have been squished otherwise. I think it is perspective though. It doesn’t look upside down to me. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and that is the order they are in the cup 😉 If you use frozen blueberries you could probably layer the other direction or purple grapes instead of berries.

  9. jaylen says

    youhave some pretty beautiful things look delish keep up the good work im making a suprise for my family using one of your recipies i love you guys

  10. ghazal al Radhwan says

    Please contact me now in email I want to have a great talk with you about what did you put in the cup so I can make one


  11. Charlene says

    Hi Ghazal- I actually listed what I put in the cups in the post so you should be able to get all the details there.

    Good luck!


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