Quick and Easy Halloween Craft – Boo Front Door Sign

Boo Sign- super easy handmade Halloween craft

So I have a super fast and easy Halloween craft to share with you guys.  This is a fun little decor item that can be for inside the house or I have it on the front door right now.

The only materials you need are three letters, a little ribbon and black paint.

Easy Halloween Craft Project

I bought these three letters from Michael’s- each one was $3.99.   With a coupon I paid about $9 for all 3 letters.

I also grabbed Black Glamour Dust paint from Deco Art- that was $1.99 regular price- so again use a coupon and save a few cents.

I like the Glamour Dust because you get everything done in one step- just spread the paint on the letters and once it is dry you get a nice color and all sorts of fine sparkle.  Much easier then painting and using glitter.

Easy Halloween Decor

My 6 year old was in charge of this part and took her job very seriously.  One little tip is to dry your letters on a paper cup or something so they don’t stick to your paper.

Once the paint dried, I just took some black ribbon I had on hand and cut it and tied it securely between each letter. There is a small knot on the backside that you don’t see.  For extra reinforcement I just added some hot glue on the back of the ribbon and that has kept the letters super secure.  I wanted the focus to be on the BOO letters and not the ribbon holding them together but you can use orange or twine or silver or whatever color you have on hand.

Halloween craft


And then I actually happened to have an organe ombre ribbon from a prior craft so I cut a small strip and used hot glue on the back to create a little loop to hang the sign.  I think the ribbon looks like Candy Corn.    My original idea was to spray the letters with a little glow in the dark paint to make a glowing Boo!  But once I did that I realized the glow in the dark faded out the black and made it look sort of grey.  Plus the door doesn’t get enough sunshine to make that glow in the dark paint work… so no problem-o, I just flipped the letters over and we painted it again.  I still think it would work to make a Glow in the Dark BOO- you might consider using white glitter paint instead of the black.  Michael’s has cans of glow in the dark paint for about $6 or you can get tiny squirt bottles of it for $2.49.

The last step is to jazz it up a little bit.  I bought one piece of white glitter cardstock for about $.50 and used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out some cute ghost shapes.  Then I hot glued those onto the sign.

If you don’t have a Silhouette cutter you could always print a ghost shape off the internet and trace it onto your cardstock and cut it freehand or if you check the Halloween section in various stores there are lots of options that might work to embellish your sign.

And that’s it!  About $10 and just a few minutes of time plus one cute kid to provide assistance.

This idea was inspired by a few similar signs I saw on Etsy.  If you don’t have the time to make one of these, you can always buy one instead.

10 Easy halloween crafts

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  1. Nicole Walker says

    What a cute idea. My husband just painted our front door black, so I think I might do this with the orange, yellow, and white to look like candy corn.

  2. Charlene says

    Oh Nicole, I have been considering painting our door black too. I just painted it blue from red but I love the crisp look of black. I think with a brown house it might not look right though?

  3. Nicole Walker says

    Charlene, our house color is really similar to yours (what I can tell from your picture anyway). Our builder painted the door and shutters a darker really ugly brown (think baby diapers, ick). My husband couldn’t stand it. We had black paint in the garage and I came home one day to a different color door. He told me that if I didn’t like it he would just buy another color and repaint. I wasn’t sure at first, but I really like it now.

  4. Kara Keister says

    Thank you for this cute idea! Did it today and it is super cute, easy and cheap! Love things I can do with the kids as well! Thanks again!

  5. Charlene says

    Kara did you paint yours black? I am so happy with it each time I pull into the driveway :)

  6. says

    Found your post through the SacBloggers Halloween Roundup. This is a great tip and something I can do with my son next Halloween!


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