Disney Planes Free Printables, Activities and More

Free Disney Planes printables

The new Disney movie, Planes, comes out on Friday.  I thought it might be fun to put together several activities and free printables for the kiddos to do before you go to see the movie.

We plan to see this one on Friday and we have been looking forward to it all summer. I thought it might be fun to get the little ones extra excited with ideas for cute Planes themed snacks and some free printables.


You can get all sorts of cool stuff from Spoonful- party invitations, coloring sheets and activities.  I think making the Planes mobile would be a fun little afternoon project. Or print out the activity book for the kids to color.

clothespin plane

Now these little Planes made from clothespins are adorable.  Create, Craft, Love has the directions to make them with a clothespin and how cute to use these to close a lunchbag or party favor bag?

planes free printables

These free printable cupcake toppers are really cute and the nice thing is you don’t need cupcakes.  You can always print these out and attach them to the front of a juice box or a sandwich bag of snacks to take to the theater.

planes printable

And here is a free party invitation.  How about printing this out as a ticket for the kiddos to see the movie?  This would be a cute surprise to leave out to let them know you got tickets.

planes cookie cutter

And for a super easy little snack to pack- pick up a Planes cookie cutter and how adorable are these sandwiches?  This idea comes from Max and Me blog and has other cute ideas for a Plane themed birthday party.

The great thing is your cookie cutter will come in handy for back to school lunches anyway- here is another really cute lunchbox idea.  You could do something like this as an in flight snack for seeing the movie or surprise the kids with a really cute lunch or dinner when you get home!  (Sorry I don’t know the source of this very cute lunchbox idea.)

planes lunchbox

And I couldn’t resist showing you this because seriously?  How creative and adorable!

planes party favor

This party favor idea is from Armelle Blog.  Just tuck these in a little baggie and I bet the kids LOVE it.  How fun for a class birthday party or a Valentine too!

And last but not least, here are some free posters that you can print.  These would be a cute and very cheap playroom or bedroom decoration- just add a bright colorful frame! (There are four to choose from.)

Planes Movie poster 1

Free Printable Planes Poster #1

Free Printable Planes Poster #2

Free Printable Planes Poster #3

Free Printable Planes Poster #4
And here are a few more free Planes printables from Disney if you missed it last time I posted.

Download Race to the Finish! Activities


Also, the Planes app is really cool.  It is a little pricey at $6.99 but I got to see a demo of the app and I thought it looked amazing!  This is a very interactive app and almost like a video game. You can take a look here.





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