DIY Drink Dispenser Stand {Pottery Barn Knock Off}

I noticed these Drink Dispenser stands the last time I was wandering through a Pottery Barn store.  I think they were so pretty and really functional.  If you have a drink dispenser you know that you have to position right on the edge of the table or people can’t pour drinks.  These little stands elevate the dispenser plus they add a fanatastic pop of color.

I totally loved the idea but these are $25 each and if you want to get a few of them- well that adds up.

So I actually made my own drink dispenser for about $5.00 with items I picked up at Lowe’s!  This entire project took about 30 minutes and I am really happy with how it turned out.

Here is what I did:


I picked up a terra cotta pot and stand at Lowe’s.  It was about $5 total for both items.  I also picked up Valspar outdoor spray paint for $4- if you already have some spray paint at home that would work fine.  I plan to use this spray paint on an old table to spruce it up too so this will come in handy for a few projects.


I painted it with two coats- and let it dry overnight.

Last you want to use a really strong adhesive.  I used Gorilla Glue and just spread it around the top of the pot and then placed it firmly onto the stand.  I eyeballed it but you can measure and use chalk to mark where to set the pot.

You need to decide if you want the lip up or the lip down on your dispenser.  I decided to have the lip up so it would catch any little drips from the pour spout and also to provide a little extra security against the dispenser getting pushed off the stand.

And this is how it turned out!! I am really happy with it and the nice thing is you can keep spray painting this any color for any parties or events you might have.  I think fun stripes on the pot would be really easy to do as well- a bright blue or yellow with white stripes would be so pretty for summer.  I think an ivory or metallic gold would be pretty for outdoor weddings or for the holidays.

A few years ago Martha Stewart had a great idea in her magazine to use something like this as a cake plate.  This would easily work for cupcakes or cakes  too- just make sure to use parchment or cardboard so your food doesn’t come in contact with the painted surface.

Now before you do any of this an even easier idea to to search through your cake plates and see if you have any that will fit your dispenser.  I have several and only one of mine fit.  I like the look of the one I made a little better but that is a great option to check out first.

I love this little stand for pool parties during the summer.  It is nice to have cold water out for the children- I find if it is right in front of them and ice cold they tend to actually drink a lot of water.

Let me know if you decide to make your own beverage dispenser stand!

And you might also check out this quick tutorial on how to customize your cooler for the summer too!



  1. Tory S. says

    I have several of the drink dispensers. The stands are a GREAT idea! I will need to make a few. Thanks!

  2. Charlene says

    Tory- they are hard to resist. So pretty on the table! Although I find with Pottery Barn it is a bit of a black hole… you buy one thing and then need all the rest of it to match ;).

  3. Julie T says

    Just noticed you already posted the cake stand idea. Any way I’m going to do this

  4. Nicole says

    Very cute ideas. I am wondering where you found the cute paper straws. I saw them at the kitchen store in the Fountains, but I want to say they were $6 for a tiny package. Just wondering if you found a cheaper source. :)

  5. Carrie says

    Just wondering if we could get details on the source/price of the dispenser itself? By the way, I am loving these craft posts!!

  6. Charlene says

    Carrie- these are hard to find in my area! All the stores are sold out. In my opinion World Market has the cutest ones and they have them for $19.97 but my stores are out of them until July.

    You can always check online though and call and see at your store. The one pictured is from target in the seasonal section where they have all the summer pop up tents and chairs and things. It was Threshold for $20. It is glass so it is really heavy.

  7. KimH says

    Oh I am SOOO going to make a couple of these!! You did a fantastic job & I love love love yours!! We always have a Memorial weekend party and this year I had 2 dispensers and one was leaking & the other was sweating all over the place.. This would sure take care of those problems! Thanks a million!!

  8. Amy says

    I found several at Ross and TJ Maxx (one leaked really bad, the others did not) so I’m going to use your idea tomorrow! it will be perfect for the 4th of July then later in the summer for a memorial I’m planning, so easy to customize the color to the occasion! Thanks!


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