Shop For Free at Target and Walmart

Here is the latest and greatest Shop for Free list for Target and Walmart stores. These prices can vary from region to region so you may not find the exact same deals. These are items you can get for free or practically free after coupon!

Note Target changes prices on Sunday and Walmart changes on Tuesday. These should be ongoing deals (unless otherwise noted) except they can occasionally change things up on those days. Please note there are several coupons that are expiring in the next few days!

Target Shop for Free


Thanks to Passion for Savings for her help with Walmart.


  1. Endcapps says

    Target has Old Orchard 100% Juice frozen concentrate regularly-priced $1.77 Ea at my “more expensive Target”. There is a printable BOGO coupon on Facebook. Paid $.88 Ea after coupon.

    The weather turned hot in NoCA recently! Need pitchers of juice! :)

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