Children’s Valentine Ideas

I mentioned a few days ago that I was doing (2) sets of Valentine’s Day cards this year for each kiddo. I have a preschooler and a Kindergartener and my girls are just so into pink, glitter, Princess, sparkle- I thought there is no way I’d find something they love and something that the boys would like as well.

So I spotted these amazing little Lego Star Wars guys from Stitch Craft Creations. I love these and the best part is that she makes it so easy for us!

You can download her cute little design for free in full color or in white to save a little ink. Then just slit a hole for the light saber and slide in a little glow stick. I bought the glow sticks (5) for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree. (And by the way the only thing I could find was bracelets? I thought they made just plain old Glow Sticks but maybe not. The bracelets work fine just don’t tell the boys.)

So the free printable download she has over on her blog right here comes out with 4 per page.

I just sent these to Staples to print and they were $.59 per page.

So $.59 per page = $.15 per Valentine.  I also spent $.20 per Glow Stick so a total of $.35 per Valentine.

Not the cheapest option but these are really cute so I think it is worth it.

Here are a few other of my favorite ideas this year:


These darling little fish Valentine’s would work for a boy or girl.  Grab the free printable template from Family Fun here.


I love these little monkey Valentine’s and again these would be perfect for a boy or girl.  You can get a free printable baggie topper from Peonies and Poppyseeds and then I bet you can find the banana candy at a party supply store.

I made these cute little Butterfly Valentine’s last year for my 4 year old.  These were very cute but they are a bit of work to cut.

You can get the free printable template and the instructions from Skip to My Lou.  You can see how mine turned out in real life here.  Wish I would have taken that picture in daylight because the poor Butterfly looks a little sad but you get the idea.

These Super Valentine’s I did last year for my preschooler.  They were a lot of work but they really turned out to be adorable.

These are from a blog called Zakka Life and they were actually featured in Family Fun magazine. You can get the instructions and the template from Zakka Life here.  You can see how they looked in real life here.  Despite the fact that my super hero looks like she fell off a building, I can tell you they were a big hit at school.


And I love these pencil Valentine’s from Positively Splendid.  These little pencils are about 12 for $1.00 at Target and at the Dollar Store and then there is a free printable gift tag to go with it.

Get the scoop from Positively Splendid here.

And these little car Valentine’s are the cutest thing from 30 Handmade Days.  Just print her free template and glue on a car, truck, bulldozer… whatever your little people like.  My girls would like this Valentine so I think it is perfectly gender neutral!

This would also be fun for Coaches and teachers.


I love these little bookmarks from Positively Splendid.  These would be perfect little somethings for teachers, librarians etc… or if you got your own child a book for Valentine’s Day- why not print these guys out and include it with the book.

My little girl is learning to read and her teacher is a big lover of books.  I pinned this free template from Positively Splendid to print out and give her as a little birthday gift from my daughter.

And here are the Valentine’s we did this year.  I made these little tags to tie onto a lip glosses for my big girl.  You could really use the tags on anything- a lollipop, pencil, stamps, stickers…whatever grabs your fancy.

Get the free printable template for the tags here.


I love these little bubbles Valentine’s as well from Simply Modern Mom.  These are so easy and gender neutral.  The little Bubbles I have seen in party supply sections- I think they are about $1 for 5 or so.

You can get the instructions and free printable download here.  And by the way, you might file this one away because it would be a great little end of year gift too!

And last but not least these cute little Bee Mine valentine’s are really fun as well.  You can get the directions and printable template from  We actually did these for teachers this year and they were very easy.


I made a little fairy princess Valentine for my preschooler this year and attached bubbles to it.  Hopefully I’ll have those assembled this weekend and I will post once I am done.

See more Valentine’s Day inspiration on my pinterest board.


  1. Sharla O says

    Charlene, how do you send a picture to Staples to print? I am trying to find it on their website and can’t :( (Yes I like doing things last minute ha ha)

  2. Sharla O says

    Thank you!!! I’m a Star Wars nerd so my girls are all over those Star Wars ones 😉

  3. Joanna says

    so I tried to download the free printables and it took me to an itunes site. Did it work for everyone else? I am hoping it’s not my computer’s problem.


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