Walgreens: 3 Free Kre-O Toys with Coupon

Did you get the free Kreon microchangers toy coupon in your paper yesterday?

I got it in my paper and we drove to Southern California last night and it was also in the paper down here.

If you did find it inside your SmartSource insert, the place to take it this week might be Walgreens!

They have these toys priced at $2.99 each- Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

I have not been by Walgreens myself but reader Stephanie spotted this deal and used (2) of those coupons and then got her third toy free!

So basically just a few cents in tax for all 3 toys which is a great deal!

See more Walgreens deals for the week here.

Thanks Stephanie!


  1. Paula C. says

    I went to Walgreens yesterday night to get this deal and they were all out . I got a rain check for the deal and was wondering if you knew if I could still use the coupons on a rain check? Thanks!

  2. Charlene says

    Yes Carli- if you don’t see it in your paper your area probably didn’t get it.

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