Homeland: The Complete 1st Season BluRay $19.99

Now here is a gift idea for someone that might be hard to shop for on your list.

You can get the entire first season of Homeland on Bluray for $19.99 today!  This show just gets raves and if I could just tear myself away from the shenanigans of the Real Housewives maybe I could get into a show with substance like this one!

You have two choices for this price today:

Hit up Amazon and get it for $19.99– shipping is free with Prime or a $25 order. If you pay with a Discover card use coupon code: DSCVRHSP for free one day shipping.

Or scoot on over to BestBuy.com– they are offering free shipping on any order.

Personally I find Amazon to have the fastest shipping so that is the one I suggest.


  1. kyla says

    charlene its soo good! season 2 is ending on sunday…doesnt take long to catch up:)

  2. Dana Casella says

    I saw on facebook you had mentioned that Amazon’s 1st offer for this has already ended, but then you said to watch for their second offer. Do you know when that will be? I was trying to search, but I couldn’t find any info of Amazon having that offer & I really want to get it.
    I do see that Best Buy still has it for the $19.99 price, however I have credits with Amazon so I’d rather get it through them & then finally be done with my xmas shopping!

  3. Charlene says

    Dana I think you misunderstood. I said there are two options- one was Amazon and one was Best Buy. Amazon raised the price so now the only option left is Best Buy. Amazon might bring the price back down if you keep checking the link above every few days but you would really be rolling the dice and in the meantime Best Buy might raise the price.

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