Fijit Friends $15 or Fijit Yiipit $8

The Fijit Friends are back in stock at Walmart for $15.  It looks like this is for Willa.  These have been selling out online so hurry and grab it if you want this!

They have free store pick up on this item or have it shipped to your  home for only $.97.

Head over to Walmart to grab your Fijit. I’m sure they will not last long.

NOTE: I have tried to post this 4 times today and this darn thing keeps going in and out of stock.  If you find it out of stock I would recommend just checking back in a few hours and see if you get lucky.  You can also try shopping in stores but man oh man I am certainly not going into any store unless I absolutely have to these days.

(My Target has these for $15 in store and there is the new $10 off $50 Target coupon.)

If you prefer the Fijit Yippit (and seriously doesn’t this sound like a bad word?  I am going to start yelling Fijit you pal! at people that cut me off in traffic) well this thing is available for $7.99.

This sale only lasts a few more hours and you can choose from pink, blue or purple.  Shipping is $4.99 but that is still a little cheaper then I have seen in stores.

Head over to One Sale a Day to have a look.


  1. April says

    My walmart also had the fijit for $15 in store. This included all colors. The website said the item was out of stock in stores, but they actually had quite a few left.

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