Safeway Coupon: $1 off Fresh Produce

If you take the Heart of Safeway pledge here, you can get a coupon for $1 off fresh produce.

This is a bricks coupon so you can click the back bar and get 2 copies.  You do need to pledge to do something good though- it is as easy as drinking more water or I chose to volunteer at a local school (since I am volunteering this week and next anyway.)

The coupon requires a minimum $10 purchase but that can be anything not just produce.  You might check the fine print for a few exclusions like dairy and beer and wine.

My coupon expires 11/11.

By the way, if you are curious about the produce that is best purchased organic and what you don’t need to buy organic- have a look at the Dirty Dozen list for 2012.

And I will have tomorrow’s Safeway deals posted in about an hour so be sure to check back.




  1. cathy says

    i remember doing a pledge for heart of safeway. maybe i did it back in october. in the mail today i received $100 gift card saying i am a grand prize winner of heart of safeway pledge sweepstakes. that’s pretty cool! i rarely sign up for these type of sweepstakes and feel like i never win anything. i did a gift card in the mail today. woo hoo! i shop at local safeway just about every week. i volunteer at the elementary school and middle school (bought tons of rock salt, cream, etc at safeway for ice cream making project in december for middle school).

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