Costco Coupon Book Deals 10/11- 11/4

Here are the coupon book deals that run from 10/11-11/4 at Costco. These books come in the mail or you can often find them at the customer service desk in store. Occasionally the cashiers have the booklets as well but it is best to have it with you just in case.

For the items listed as instant savings there is no coupon needed. The items listed as Costco coupons, you just need to scan the booklet at checkout and all the coupons will come off. (There is no need to actually cut coupons.)

These are all prices from my store so there may be some variation from region to region. I would love to hear if you are finding the same prices that I do at your store (and what state it is in!)

You can see the master list of Costco Everyday Deals here.

This List Has Expired


Anyone else spot a great deal at Costco?


  1. Heather says

    Do you know how much the splenda is? There is a $4 off coupon and just wondering if it is a good deal.

  2. Monica says

    Vons/Pavilons have a lot better deals and you can use store and manuf coupons. Costco is for someone who doesn’t care about savings.

  3. Charlene says


    It is kind of hectic in the stores to get prices so the ones listed are the ones I checked. I didn’t check Splenda but maybe someone else will know the price and let us know ;).

  4. Charlene says


    I don’t think a generalization like that is true actually. :)

    Here are 4 things I bought at Costco today:

    1. organic apples $1.42/lb
    2. fresh mozzarella cheese $3.79- (2) 12oz logs
    3. organic raspberries 16oz $3.49
    4. french bread rolls 12 ct $2.79

    At Safeway the same items:

    1. organic gala apples $1.00 EACH
    2. fresh mozzarella (2) 12oz logs $10.98
    3. 16oz of frozen O Organics raspberries are $8.79
    4. french bread rolls 12 ct $4.60

    I would have spent significantly more getting the same items from Safeway.

    I consider myself pretty familiar with prices- and I have been posting Safeway coupon matchups every week for over 3 years now- you can get very good deals at Safeway but a lot of the items they carry are really overpriced. I always find the trick with Safeway is sticking to the weekly ads for the most part but I can’t always get everything I need or want based off the ads.

  5. Monica says

    I’m sorry. You are totally right !! I didn’t mean to upset you. Good work ! Thanks.

  6. Charlene says

    LOL- you can criticize Costco all you want Monica just not on the same day I dragged my kids there to get prices and after I spent half the night typing them all up :D. I used to shop a lot at Safeway but really they are making me mad with the prices on off-ad stuff. My husband grabbed 3 things for me the other day- random stuff like evaporated milk was $2.75 a can and I pay $.72 a can at Target! So I really feel like they get you with all the extra little things you might need in a pinch you know?

  7. jOSE says

    @Heather, kirkland brand sucralose 1500 ct. is only 12.99 at my costco and is the same that splenda… 😉

  8. Endcapps says

    Your Costco posts are so helpful. Especially since you break it down & compare. I’m getting the Goldfish for days I’m designated “Snack Mom” for son’s Math Team.

  9. Ashley says

    Charlene- Thanks for doing these. I always look forward to your costco matchups.
    Monica- Costco has some WAY better deals then grocery stores. For example their 4 pack of butter comes out to be a way better price then any other grocery store including vons/safeway.
    so. Costco is for those who care about savings.

  10. Wendy says

    I just discovered your Costco deals posts and wanted to say thanks for posting these! It’s super useful :)

  11. Emelyn says

    Thanks for posting Costco deals, especially how you compare with regular sizes at the drugstores. WOW, the wipes prices are amazing, definately going to get these!!

  12. says

    I love how you have these broken down, Charlene. I don’t know if its the lighting in Costco or what – but I have such a hard time doing the math while I’m shopping!

  13. momto3 says

    You just have to be careful once you get inside Costco since everything is so tempting! But for organic produce, its hard to beat. I go and get the SAME items every week and a few others every other week–just because I cant find them anywhere else or coupons for them. I try not to stray too much, but I still cant get out of there without spending at least $40.
    I am finally down to my last TUB of Electrasol dishwasher tabs’ and was wondering if anyone has used the kirkland brand dishwashing tabs?? Bummed Costco doesnt carry ecover anymore!!!

  14. Cherali says

    Your costco posts are SO helpful, effective and time/money saving for me. Thank you ever so much.

  15. Charlene says

    Mom- I have the Costco brand ones right now. They are OK but I prefer Cascade. They do work fine and for half the price I don’t think it is a waste of money.

  16. Charlene says

    Well Sheila, you stop for even a second and get rammed in the back ;). Especially now that it is the holiday season!

  17. Dee says

    Thanks, Charlene. I’m very grateful for all the effort put into the Costco match-ups. I just opened my last bottle of dishwasher soap and thought I better start looking for sales.

  18. my2girls says

    I have been a frequent visitor of your blog for over 2 years now. I love your Target deals! For some reason I am just stumbling upon the Costco deals, and need to make a run to get the dishwasher soap.

    Thanks for sharing your posts and all your hard work!

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