CVS: Sign up for Double Quarterly Extra Bucks


CVS shoppers can sign up now to earn double quarterly Extra Care Bucks September 16th through December 15th.  That means you will get 4% back instead of the standard 2%.

You have a couple of options to enroll.  Head over here and sign up to start receiving double bucks or stop by your local CVS and print the sign up slip at the coupon center and take it to the register.

If you do any shopping at CVS this is something you for sure want to take advantage of.

All double quarterly rewards will be issued beginning January 2013.

You can see all the CVS deals this week here.



  1. Marylou Salgado says

    I am trying to set up for cvsdoublebucks….but no where to sign in for this…..

  2. Hayden says

    Okay… Now that my extra care bucks have printed, I am very disappointed. I signed up for double bucks before September 16 and I spend over $750 of front store items and I got back $15 instead of (what I thought I was going to get) $30. If I knew that this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have spent that much. I usually spend $300-$400 every seasonal spending, which gives me back about $6-$8 extra care bucks. Overall, I am just not happy with this disappointment.

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