Coupon Code: Another Free Greeting Card (Flash Sale)


There is a flash sale today from  You can get a second free Father’s Day card but the offer runs from 12pm PST to 4pm PST only today (6/9).

This is for any customer- not just new customers.

My suggestion  would be to make any card you might need and use coupon code: FREETREAT or you can make a Father’s Day card and use coupon code: TRYTREAT.

Both of those cards are for first time customers so you might use those codes first.

Then come back and use coupon code: WEEKENDTREAT for this offer running today only.

The shipping will also be free as long as you send the card to yourself. If you send it to Dad you just pay the price of a stamp.

Note you will need to provide a credit card number just for the checkout process but the total due is $0.

Head over to to get started!


***UPDATE:  If you have any issues with the coupon code just click live chat at the bottom and they will correct the price immediately for you.


  1. Rachel R. says

    The code WEEKENDTREAT isn’t working for me at 12:55pm pst. I get an error that the “coupon code has expired”.

  2. Charlene says

    I’d just save the card to your account. I got 2 emails about this promotion from their PR people today alone so I am very certain on all the details. They must have a technical glitch right now. I’ll update once I get more information.

  3. Emili says

    Speaking on live chat right now… They are telling me it is not a valid code. But she said that she could give me a free card just this time as a favor….. interesting.

  4. Carli says

    Same here, Charlene. Live chat helped me right away! This is the fourth card I’ve ordered from them and have been very pleased!

  5. Monica says

    “This promotion code is not valid. It was a limited offer from one specific site” form the live chat
    They want me to forward an email that i supposdly recieved

  6. Charlene says

    Well they emailed me to post on my site so I can’t understand what is wrong. This is email #1 from yesterday:

    “Starting tomorrow (Saturday), from 12:00pm – 4:00pm Pacific Time, any customer, new and repeat, can get a free Father’s Day card using the code WEEKENDTREAT.”

    and here is my reminder email #1 from today:

    “Hi Charlene,
    Just a reminder that the Treat Free Father’s Day Card Flash Sale starts in one hour and ends in five hours.

    I suggest posting this at exactly 12:00pm Pacific Time Saturday (3:00pm ET).

    In case you missed it, between now and 4:00pm Pacific Time (7:00 pm ET) you can get a FREE Father’s Day card from Treat!
    Just use the code WEEKENDTREAT and enjoy a free, customized, card. This offer applies to all new and returning customers.”

    And here is my live chat convo where they corrected it for me in a matter of seconds:

    Michael B: Thank you Charlene, how may I assist you?
    charlene haugsven: There is supposed to be a coupon code for this afternoon- WEEKENDTREAT.
    charlene haugsven: It doesnt work.
    Michael B: I’m sorry about the promotion not applying, what I am going to do is add a token to your account for a free greeting card that can be used in place of that promotion. If you refresh your page you should see that applied now.

    So I have no idea what is wrong. You can still use the other codes. Those are working fine. Clearly someone dropped the ball and there is probably no one working today to get this sorted out. I emailed all of the people that contacted me directly with the information so I don’t think I can do anything else about it right now. I would just save it to your account and I am sure Treat will get this straightened out on Monday when people are back in the office.

  7. Kim says

    I was just on live chat hold for 9 min but once i got thru & told them about your website, it took only a second for her to adjust my acct. Thanks

  8. Charlene says


    Great! I bet they have tons of people on :(. It was 31 seconds for me first thing. Glad it worked out!

  9. Tatyana says

    After live chat they gave me free card anyway.
    Thank YOU and TREAT too 😉

  10. Marie says

    Well now I am upset with Treat. I kept trying the code, but with my infant I did not have time to call or chat until now (after 4) and they will not honor the promo code despite the fact my card has been sitting in my basket since noon. I spent a ton on birth announcements, holiday cards and even my parents anniversary cards. Well now they just lost my business. They were not helpful. But thanks for trying to hook us up with the deal. This is their fault not yours. That promo code should have worked without having to call customer service.

  11. Charlene says

    Yuck I am so sorry :(. Here is what they said:

    “Hi Charlene,

    I am so sorry for the problems with the WEEKENDTREAT.

    At this point I still do now know what the problem was but I am working to find out and possibly get it reactivated for the remainder of the promo. I know it is only an hour, but hopefully they can do that for some of the last minute readers.

    I can assure you that we will make this right shortly. This was an exciting promo (How can you beat a free Father’s Day card, right?).

    I’ll let you know as soon as I have details on the next promo. It will be a good one!

    Sorry again for the inconvenience on this. “

  12. Karen says

    I just got a free card at, they must still have some left. Just gotta find the coupon link on the Father’s Day page.

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