Target Toy Clearance


I mentioned last week that the Target toy clearance would probably be coming very soon.  They usually do a clearance on toys in June/July, October and again after Christmas.

I always find the summer to be a great time to get some early Christmas gifts and plan ahead for birthday parties.

Usually it seems like not as many people are interested in toys so the summer sales I have had good luck with in the past.

Anyway,  I wanted to mention that I noticed one of my stores was already starting to mark down items to 30% off.

You might keep an eye on the toys aisles of your stores too and see what you find.  Clearance will of course vary from store to store but according to the Target Clearance Schedule,  Wednesday is usually the day they do markdowns.

**You might grab the new Toy Coupons available just in case!

One other thing I noticed is they seem to be starting clearance on the Target “The Shops” merchandise.  You can read about “The Shops” here but essentially it was specialty items from boutiques around the country.  I thought the concept was great and I liked the merchandise but it was a little on the expensive side to me.

My store was starting to mark down The Privet House items to 30% off- so it might be worthwhile to keep an eye on those departments and see what you find.

*Don’t forget the outdoor furnishings clearance sales!


  1. Sylvia says

    Ooh, I’m looking forward to the toy clearance! Btw, the Target on Natomas had the Privet House stuff marked down to 50% or more. I’m holding out for 75% :)

  2. Dallas says

    The toys are already on clearance at my local store! Some are already 50% off!!!

  3. Lindsay says

    Last year, the toys went 70% off the last Thursday of July. A good clue as to when it will be is when they start consolidating clearanced toys onto a couple aisles. Hope this helps!

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