Homemade Carpet Deodorizer {So Fast & Easy!}

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How to make homemade carpet deodorizer- so fast & easy and leaves the house smelling incredibly fresh!


I have the best carpet deodorizer and DIY air freshener tip for you.  This is so easy to do and inexpensive and it is totally nontoxic and green cleaning.  So you don’t need to buy tons of sprays and plug ins and such in order to get your home smelling fantastic!

The process is very simple:

- You take baking soda and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or you can use cooking vanilla or cinnamon straight from your spice rack if you don’t have any oils on hand.  I really like Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender or Lemon myself.  I find Peppermint has a very pronounced fragrance and citrus or lavender can be more subtle.

You can also get one of these little sprinkle jars from Target or Walmart for about $1.00.  Those make it a bit easier to sprinkle around the house.  You can find jars at the Dollar Store that are intended for powdered sugar and those work perfectly or just take a Mason Jar and use a piece of cardstock to replace the inside circle for the lid.  Puncture a few holes and that will work!

Fill it with baking soda and then add about 10 drops of fragrance and shake well.

Sprinkle this like crazy throughout the house- about an hour before you want to vacuum.  Sometimes I will sprinkle this in the morning before work and then vacuum when I get home- it is especially nice to give the fragrance a chance to take hold in the closets and such.

You can also use this in the car before you vacuum- I sprinkle it everywhere in the car.  On our children’s carseats, the upholstery, the carpet etc…

Oh and if you happen to have stinky shoes inside the closet- well sprinkle right inside those too and the baking soda will neutralize the odor and absorb any moisture.  We live in California and wear loafers often without socks so I do this frequently.  Once you are ready to vacuum just tip the shoes over so any excess falls out onto the carpet and you can vacuum it right up!

Here are a bunch of other uses for baking soda:

  • Sprinkle this on cleats and inside shoes for an odor issues.
  • Sprinkle a little baking soda in vases to keep flowers fresh longer.
  • Baking soda helps to remove odor on stinky shirts too (baby spit up, sweat and other issues best left unsaid).
  • Sprinkle it on a hairbrush if you skip a day of washing your hair or sprinkle it on the dog’s hairbrush to add a little excitement to their grooming.
  • Dump about a cup into the toilet as a cleaner and to absorb any odors.
  • Put a little at the bottom of the trash can to absorb odors.
  • Sprinkle on car seats and jogging strollers and all those other things you might have for the kiddos.

So really the possibilities are endless and I have found this to be so useful all over the house. The great thing is that baking soda is so incredibly cheap- you can really be generous sprinkling this all over the place.  A 4lb bag is $6 at Costco or get little boxes for about $.50 at Target and Walmart.  That little box should get you through several cleaning sessions.

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See my Pinterest board for more DIY tips and easy homemade cleaners!

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