Walgreens: 25 Free Photo Prints


If you have some holiday photos to develop, you can get 25 free prints from Walgreens.

Now this is supposed to last through 12/31 but the last time they had a promotion, it ended very early so it is best to get your order in as soon as you can.

You will need to pick up in store to avoid shipping fees. I have found that the order just needs to be placed online today and you can actually pick it up whenever you want.

Head over to Walgreens photo and add your photos to your cart.  Use coupon code: PRINTNOW at checkout.  I just tested it and my total went from $4.75 to $0.


  1. Melissa Bennett says

    Thanks Charlene! I am hoping there are some good deals on photo books. We took my dad on a vacation right before Christmas and he needs the book, he is useless with loose prints! Do you think they will start running deals soon?

  2. christen says

    Thank you very much! I was hoping for some free print codes for my holiday pictures!

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