Recyclebank: 90 New Points

There is a new program from Recyclebank to earn a bunch more points.  This is a great way to get very high value coupons (like $2 off a Kashi item) or I find coupons to my local grocery store as well (like $5 off a $40 purchase at Sprouts.)

You simply earn the points by doing little tasks and then you can cash in for the coupons.  Sometimes the coupons are printable and sometimes they are mailed to you.

This new program to earn points will roll out in stages, so part 1 is available as of right now.

  • Head over and register or log into your Recyclebank account
  • Click on Earn Points
  • Then click Green Your Seasons
  • Click the 10 points on the left side and open the pdf document = 10 points
  • Click pledge on the right side and collect points= 10 points
  • On page 2, open the pdf document = 10 points
  • Take the pledge at the top right = 10 points
  • Answer one question on the bottom right = 10 points
  • On page 3, if you have a quick Thanksgiving leftover recipe submit that for 20 points
  • Answer one question at the bottom left= 10 points
  • Take the pledge on the bottom right = 10 points


You should get a confirmation message for each action saying you got the points.  If you don’t see that make sure your pop up blocker if off. I counted a total of 90 points!

That is enough to cash in for $2/2 Earthbound Farms product coupons (makes carrots free at Walmart!) or a $2 off any Kashi product coupon.



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