Barnes and Noble: 50% off Coupon (for one book)


There is a Barnes and Noble coupon available for 50% off one book today. You will need to like them on Facebook in order to get the coupon.

You need to fill in your name and email address and then the coupon can be used online or in stores.

There are so many good books out right now- like John Grisham’s new one or you might find one that would make a nice holiday book.  There are lots of Children’s books too that are great gifts or donation items.

I just mentioned Elf on the Shelf this morning and that is a book, so you can head over to Barnes and Noble and add it to your cart at $29.95.

Enter your coupon number under the coupon code box at checkout.  The total will be $21 or so.  You pay $3.99 for shipping on your order.

If you are a member of Barnes and Noble you can get free shipping or if your order is $25 or more.  It looks like there is a free trial membership to a shipping service they offer.  You should see a huge banner about that promotion right at checkout.

I have not read through all the details about that program, so you will want to check that carefully before you sign up.

Or you can head into the store to use your coupon!

*Ebates has 8% back on Barnes and Noble today.


  1. Court says

    There’s also the new book Awkward Family Pet Photos. There’s a picture of my sister and I in it. :)

  2. Sarah says

    Where do you fill out your name and email at? I’m on their page on Facebook and don’t see the coupon.

  3. Charlene says

    Sarah if you are on a cell phone you won’t see it. If you already like them, just unlike and like again.

  4. Charlene says

    No Sarah thank you. :) I am getting slammed with very mean comments today so thank you for taking the time to say something nice 😛

  5. Danielle says

    Awesome coupon!! Thanks!!! :) Just referred someone else to your site, too for the newbie couponing info – such a great resource!!

  6. tina says

    I don’t understand why anyone would send you a mean comment….I appreciate that you find me great deals! Thanks!

  7. Sarah O'Connor says

    Me too! I’m addicted to your website! I was dying to to buy a new book that was only on hardback and I can’t get at the library, but it’s $20 and I couldn’t justify it. Well, thanks to you, I used this 50% off coupon and the $10 gift card I got from eBates and they paid me .40 to take the book. I’ll be up late reading tonight! :)

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