Hershey’s Candy Coupon $1/1 ($.49/bag at Target!)

There is a Hershey’s Candy Coupon available for $1 off a 9oz+ bag. That is a great coupon!

Target has the 10oz size Reese’s and Kit Kat bags priced at $2.49 this week.  If you have the Target mobile coupon for $1 off, you pay just $.49 for a bag!

Another option would be CVS where candy is 4 bags for $10.  Get $3 ECB back on four bags- so it looks like this:

Buy 4 bags at $10
Use (4) $1/1 coupons
Pay $6.00 and get back $3 ECB
So a net price of .75 per bag!

If you can only print 2 copies of the coupon, try this:

Buy 4 bags at $10
Use $1/1 coupon
and Use $1.50/3 Hershey’s Snack Size Bags of Reese’s, Kit Kat, Hershey’s, York, Almond Joy, Mounds or Twizzlers, exp. 10/31/11 (SS 10/16/11)
Pay $7.50 and get back $3 ECB
So a net price of $1.12 per bag!

Another option would be to go to Walgreens where Hershey’s Candy is priced at $1.99 with in ad coupon. Stack that with the $1 Hershey’s coupon and pay just $.99 per bag!

Last but not least, Toys R Us has Halloween candy for $1.99 this week as well.  So $.99 per bag after coupon- you could also take that ad to Target or Walmart and price match!

These are all fantastic deals.

(Thanks Creative Couponing!)


  1. homemommy3 says

    Where did you get the coupon link from? If you click the link it says you printed the max for this coupon

  2. Jessica T says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am going to go get our halloween candy from walgreens tonight. Although it is very doubtfull those Reese’s will last that long in this house ha ha.

  3. Cristina says

    Well, it’s not allowing me to print the coupon, it says I’ve already printed my max which I haven’t so I guess there goes that deal!!

  4. Charlene says

    Natalie, the price match policy is to match after Target coupons have been applied. So it would be $2.49 minus the Target mobile coupon which brings the price to $1.49 and then price match to $1.99. Doesn’t make any sense to price match and use the coupon together.

  5. Nika says

    Thank You for clarifying TARGET MOBILE! I found this deal on another site and scoured target.com’s coupon section and couldn’t find anything. Thank you =]

  6. Holly says

    Well, I wished I saw this earlier. If anyone went to the CVS kids halloween day yesterday then in the bag of goodies the kids received there was a CVS $5 off 19 oz + bags of hersey’s candy. I used mine on the bags that were $5.99 so I got them for $.99. If you use it with the $1 MQ coupon above then it will be free.

  7. Tiffany T says

    OK anyone else try this scenario at Target yet? I just went and my mobile coupon would not work. I know I had the right item. First, she scanned my phone and it came up on the screen as taking $0.00 off so then she typed in the code and same thing! So frustrating! I know I haven’t used the mobile coupon before … and I doubt corporate or Customer Service can do anything about it. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. :)

  8. Charlene says

    Tiffany, sometimes it just doesn’t work. The Olay didn’t work last time. Just pay and take your receipt to customer service and they will give you $1.

  9. Kandi says

    If you do the CVS scenario, get the 4 bags and use the $1.50/3 coupon, can you also use a $1/1 coupon? and if you LIKE CVS’s page, and pledge to not throw away your ECBs they will send you a printable ECB via email for $2!!! I am planning on trying that if I cannot get 2 more Hershey’s $1/1 coupons. I already printed 2 from this PC, heading to the hubby’s PC to try for 2 more :)

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