Walgreens Coupon Deals 8/7 – 8/13

Here are the best deals from the Walgreens ad this week. If you are new to Walgreens shopping you can learn about couponing here. Be sure to check out the new Walgreens Coupon Policy!

This List Has Expired
$1 and Under
Other Deals
Back to School Deals


Any other great deals you can see this week?


  1. Jolene says

    I have received coupons for free shampoo from Herbal Essiance, Pantene and Aussie, do they ever have buy one get one free sales?? Or are they just $$/$ sales??

  2. Krista says

    I seen that there is a coupon in the August walgreens coupon book for $2 off the huggies wipes. Does anyone know if this can be used in addition to the infant care book coupon?

  3. Maria says

    I’m not sure about that, but it’s worth a try! I am wondering if the Infant care book coupon for $2 off Huggies big pack will work for the diapers on sale this week. If so then the above mentioned deal would be $3.99? Does anyone think this would be valid or does this only work for the big box packages? I guess I’m confused on what they mean by big pack?

  4. Charlene says


    The Walgreens coupon policy says you can use Walgreens coupon(s) which suggests you can stack Walgreens coupons however whether or not you can actually do that will be up to your store.


    A big pack doesn’t seem like it is the same as a Jumbo pack so I wouldn’t think so. The big packs are usually more like a mega pack of diapers.

  5. Haley says

    Is the $2 RR only on the Slip on Huggies Diapers? I checked them out on the Huggies website, it looks like there are only 26 in a pack for sz 3…is that a good deal still?

  6. Lonnie says

    Where can I find the infant care coupon book? Can I find it in the store or is it a by-mail coupon book?

  7. anna says

    the Crayola Crayons not on sale for $1.00 at my place it actually $1.49. Did anyone had check out the price for this item?

  8. Charlene says

    What does your ad say Anna? Did you check it? It should be on a wrap around portion of the ad.

  9. Jessica says

    I saw that childrens zyrtec is on sale for 4.99 (normally 9.99, I believe). I think the $2 off coupon for zyrtec would work for that one, so that would make it 2.99 for the childrens zyrtec. I will test it out tomorrow. I am in need of this anyway so I will try to stock up as much as I can!

  10. Holly says

    Re: Walgreens coupon policy

    You can stack ALL applicable Walgreens coupons (in ad, infant care book, pharmacy book, beauty book) and manufacutures coupons!!! This can lead to a smokin’ deal if the coupons are out at the same time. Right now you can use the $.99 carmex lip balm coupon WITH the B1G1 free coupon in the current ad!! 😉

  11. Mia says

    Can I have a question about the mail-in rebate? I submitted Mycocide two weeks ago and got the mail this morning which says I’m not qualified. The reason is “no UPC code submitted or not an original”. Does anyone know what is UPC? Thanks

  12. Charlene says

    Mia the code you need is on the back of the package where they scan the item. Under the bar code. You can google “what is a upc” if you want to look at photos of exactly what you need.

  13. shelli says

    I have to say, I get rejected ALOT for no UPC when I know I put them in the envelope! I don’t know if Wags uses the same company for all their rebates but it is a problem. I have asked if i need to start taping the UPC to the receipt and they said no but ….it’s happened too many times for me. I have the boxes with the spot cut out and i’m a bit OCD so I know they were in there! grrr

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