Paper Coterie Coupon Code: $40 off a $40 Purchase

Paper Coterie is offering a $40 off a $40 purchase code once again.

They have very pretty products like photo albums, growth charts and more little custom gifts. This does not include shipping but you should still get a great deal on a variety of products.

Just head over to Paper Coterie any time this month and use coupon code: BEGINANYWHERE.

I’d love to get feedback on what you got last time they offered this code. ¬†Sadly, I never did have a chance to order something myself but I will for sure get to take advantage this time around.

Thanks Deal Finding Chik!


  1. Amy says

    I just ordered 2 desktop calendars in the jewel cases… they were 20 each but with the code I only paid shipping of 10.73. I ordered them for my mom and my MIL for Christmas! Thanks for the heads up on this deal… photo gifts are the best for grammas (Especially ones for 5ish bucks a piece)!

  2. Brie says

    I ordered a book last time. The book turned out well, but not the best. There were some issues with the print quality, and hopefully those have been worked out.

    Also, when they offered the last deal, it seemed like they were still working out some bugs with the website. I had to troubleshoot with them on a few different issues (i.e. the site not saving my pages, downloading pictures and not displaying them, etc.) but everyone that I e-mailed with at the company was extremely nice and also apologetic for the inconveniences. They also extended the offer deadline for me because of the trouble I was encountering.

    I made a vacation book, and had “2011” in the title- one e-mail I received from them said not to include numbers in the title (there was nothing on the website to indicate numbers might cause a problem), as it can lead to problems when it comes to saving your work. Just a heads up if planning on making a book.

    After the book was completed, it arrived very quickly, which was nice.

    So overall, nice people to work with, but some difficulties with the website (which have hopefully been worked out).

  3. ReggieMann says

    I got a growth chart for my niece personalized with her name and picture. It turned out very nice :)

  4. Erin says

    I ordered the alphabet growth chart last time they had this deal. I personalized it with my sons name and a photo and I was very happy with it. Everything about it was good quality. I also love that these growth charts have a backing that can be stuck on the wall, peeled off, and then restuck over and over again. I think my shipping costs were around $10 but this was a great item for that price.

  5. Christen says

    Last time I ordered three journals with photos on the front. They all turned out nice and were good quality, and I think I paid somewhere around $12 for all three with shipping.

  6. lisa says

    i ordered the exact product in your pic. one calander for hubby and for myself. it was fun and arrived quick!

  7. Dash says

    I created “The Big Day” wedding photo album (four years later!!) to give to my husband for our anniversary. It is so nice, much much much higher quality than the standard photo sites. I was very pleased and have received a lot of compliments. I am looking forward to ordering one of the memory boxes, which are new product on their site since May when I placed the last order. This one for my new baby that is due any minute (well, she was really due three days ago, crossing my fingers she comes soooon!)

  8. Kara says

    Thank you! I ordered the Memory Keeper and I loved it. Very high quality. Just ordered another one.

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