Free Snickers Candy at Walgreens

Here is another way to use the $1/2 Easter candy coupons from your 3/20 RP inserts.

NEXT WEEK (March 27th), Walgreens has Snickers Creme Eggs on sale for $.29 each- limit is 6.

You can buy 2 eggs for .29 each and try to get your store to adjust the coupons down to get them free.  If you want to do that, you would be better off buying them this week at .50 each since Walgreens can really be a pain about adjusting coupons.

Or a much easier scenario to avoid beeps NEXT WEEK would be:

Buy 4 at .29
use $1/2 coupon
Final Price: .16 for all 4


Buy 6 eggs at $.29 each
Since the limit is 6, the 7th will likely ring up at .50
Use (2) $1/2 coupons from 3/20 RP
or Use $2/2 coupon from All You April
Final Price: $.24 for all 7 after coupon!

Thanks Money Saving Madness , Kathleen and Anita!


  1. Lisa G. says

    Sounds like an awesome scenario. Now to just be patient. Thanks Charlene!

  2. Kathleen says

    But I thought the limit was 6? The 7th would have to be regular price… still not bad for a bunch of candy eggs! Thanks, Charlene!

  3. kimberly says

    At my stores you can go over the limit printed and still get the sale price as far as how manyIi dont know but
    I have gone 4 over the limit and still get the sale price, I am in socal.

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