Pampers or Huggies Baby Wipes Deals!

There are a few great deals on baby wipes today.

Target is offering a package of 616 Baby Dry wipes for $12 with free shipping.  If you order 2 packs you can get 15% off- so I tested this and my total was $20.40.  (The discount is applied at the final stages of checkout.)  That works out to .016 per wipe or is like paying $1.19 for a 72ct tub.

If you don’t want two packs, you can also order from Amazon, where they have the 720 count of Pampers wipes priced at $12.50.  You need to have the free Amazon Mom membership and select subscribe and save to get this price.  That works out to .017 per wipe or $1.25 for a 72ct tub.

Or if you like Huggies wipes, Amazon has the Huggies Natural Care 216 ct packs of 3 (so 648 wipes) priced at $12.18.  You need the free Amazon Mom membership plus check subscribe and save on the right side.  It works out to .018 per wipe or $1.35 for a 72 ct tub.

If you decide on one of the options from Amazon, once your order arrives just head on into Your Account and cancel the subscription.  You have no further obligations.  If you decide to keep it, just be sure to check the price before your next delivery because it is not guaranteed to stay the same.


  1. Karen Luedy says

    at amazon I bought the Pampers ThickCare Wipes, Unscented, 504 Count…….price with the subscribe now was $11.89 with free shipping…..I went to ebay and bought an amazon $10 off amazon babystore for $5…..ended up paying $6.89

  2. Stephanie says

    Thanks Charlene! I used my Deal Pulp Target GC so I saved even more… Yay cheap wipes;-)

  3. Charlene says

    Karen, excuse me if my math is off but it seems like 504 wipes for $11.89 is more expensive?

  4. Kim T. says

    Also, has “parent’s choice” wipes 704ct for $10.97 with FREE shipping to home if you don’t mind the brand.

  5. Ariana Gutierrez says

    Charlene, what do you think is a “great” price per wipe and what is an “ok” price? I would like to know so I can jump on the great deals. Thank you.

  6. danielle says

    is the target deal available at the store (i know you wont get the 15% off…but i do have coupons i could use…)

  7. Charlene says

    Less than $1.50 per tub is an excellent price. You will be pressed to find that with coupons and a sale. Any of the deals posted are my buy prices for sure.

  8. Jen T says

    Has anyone else had any problems using a 2nd $10 off code for a separate purchase? I only have two because I had them in two different magazines I subscribe to, and I used one on a box of wipes a couple days ago. Now I’m getting this message while trying to use the 2nd code (for this deal) “We’re sorry, but the promotional code you entered cannot be applied to this purchase. Please refer to your promotional coupon for information about item or store restrictions.”

  9. Charlene says

    Jen- I did. I found that I had to use my husband’s account for the second order :( I think people have had luck when they called too so whichever is easiest for you.

  10. Jen T says

    Thanks for the suggestion Charlene. =) I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one! Lol..

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