Drugstore Update: Free Azo, Free Candy, Free Nyquil

There are a few notes from the drugstores this week:

Walgreens:  These boxes of Vicks Sinex are priced at $5 each
You can use (2) $4/1 coupons for Sinex items from 9/26 P&G
Pay $2 and you should get a $5 Register Reward back!

at CVS, Azo Itch relief is priced at $6.99 with a limit of 5
There is a $2 off printable
and you get $5 in ECBs
So the final price is $4.99 with a $5 ECB back

*There is no need to race out because the Azo is available all month at CVS.  You might want to print those coupons thought because I bet they are gone soon.

Rite Aid:

This week there is a $1 +Up on 2 “Non Chocolate Lay Down Bags of Candy”

Apparently there is also a $2 +Up printing for these bags.  Now this is not advertised and may or may not work.  I would imagine the shelves will be empty very soon or Rite Aid will correct the issue.  In the meantime, it looks like the following candy is generating the extra +Up:

skittles, starburst, lifesavers, sour patch, swedish fish, bassett’s allsorts, blow pops, tootsie, airheads, dum dums, goatze’s, jolly ranchers, or starck (reg $2.79-$3.59)

So if you buy 2 bags of candy, you should get (2) $2 +Up and one $1/2 +Up – which makes it free after +Up!!

Reader Trisha, passed this tip on to me and she said she found Now and Laters priced at .88 with a +Up that made them free.  So the details on this are not really clear and I am hoping some of you guys may have tried this already or might have more details to share?

Thanks Clippin with Carrie, Trisha, I Heart Rite Aid, and Common Sense with Money


  1. Donna says

    Some quick info on the Rite Aid candy bonanza and judging from the +ups that printed, I think it might be a mistake. I got $1 for “Lindt/Ghirar” and 2 $2 for “Club Choc”. Both of these are pretty chocloaty and I don’t see what they have to do with the bags of candy. I did two deals (4 bags of candy) and called it a day. I expect this will be fixed soon!

  2. Jamie M. says

    I was only able to get 5 now-later candies for free but was hassle to get them at no cost, the problem was the up reward was not printing so manager had to be called and sale tag had to be pulled in order for manager to approve.

  3. kelli says

    werther’s originals also worked for the candy deal at rite aid. I bought 2 of them and 2 blow pops and got back two $1 +ups and four $2 +ups.

  4. Stephanie W. says

    I just did this and got a total of eight bags (some swedish fish, sour patch, dum dums, skittles, tootsie pops and starburst) and got 8 $2 +ups and 4 $1… so got my $ back =) thanks for posting this!

  5. Melissa says

    I did this 3 times and it worked great! I started off with 3 swedish fish and 3 sour patch kids. Used $4 off 6 and a few other up rewards. I started out paying $4.32 for 6 bags and it printed out $15 in up rewards. Fabulous!! Halloween candy and goodies to send to school for the teachers. :)

  6. Naomi says

    Tried using $4Q for sinex and was told it was only good for the spray in the coupon picture.Anyone tried using it?

  7. Leah says

    I used 2 of the $4 sinex coupons today on the boxed sinex posted above and had no problem and the coupon went through fine with no beep. The coupon says its good on any sinex product so it shouldn’t be a problem. Good luck!

  8. Lisa says

    I got a total of 8 bags (Starburst, Werthers, Blow Pops, Tootsie Pops) last night and the UPs did not print for me. My Nivea lipcare UPs did not print either. My ad changed last night too (I live in So CA) – so i can’t go back for more.

  9. Mary Jo says

    I just got 6 bags (skittles, starburst, sourpatch kids, caramel creams) and it worked perfectly!

  10. JAMIE V says

    Had horrible experience @ Rsvl Sq. Rite Aid concerning the free single size Now Laters so I ventured out to RiteAid on Foothills Blvd in Rsvl, CA and was able to get 10 bags of candy, used $5/25 purchase coupon, paid $20 oop and got $25 up rewards… staff was very friendly, no problems with rewards printing, cashier was amazed with how many up rewards I received. I’m loving the Rite Aid on Foothills.

  11. Charlene says

    Shhh. Jamie that is the one I like too!! I loathe that stinking new RA on Pleasant Grove. They are just so nasty- the manager there and the young guy that is really snide. Boo!

    There are mountains of free after rebate items next week and the week after so you can for sure get all your money back :) Yeah!

  12. Cali says

    My store was out of almost everything. I bought 12 bags and paid $25 and got $10 in plus ups. Not great but needed Halloween candy anyway. I only got 2 of the $2 plus ups. I can’t figure out which bags worked and which ones did not!

  13. Betty says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I went and bought 10 bags of candy for $25, used the $5/$25 pdf and $0.50 off and 2 bagged candy Wellness Coupon. Paid $19.50 out of pocket (using other UPR’s of course) and received $25 back in UPR’s! I am looking forward to using them next week on all of the great free after SCR deals next week!! I might just be addicted to Rite Aid!

  14. Tory says

    Charlene and Jamie, I also live in Roseville! So you are the ones who make it the stores before I get there :). So glad that it seemed to be working. I agree the older manager at Pleasant Grove always makes you feel like he’s watching you!!!! LOVE! the other ones though.

  15. Charlene says

    Tory I never go to RA. You see from my trips I just feel like it is such a bother to drag my butt from East Rocklin to that Foothills store. Then I leave the closer one on Pleasant Grove usually saying very rude words under my breath. So I am not the shelf clearer I promise!

  16. christine says

    candy deal is dead in my area. worked last night and this morning, but two friends went a while ago, and it didn’t work for them, one even went to the same store i did this morning.

  17. says

    I am in NorCal (Santa Cruz area) and the $2 Ups printed for me this afternoon, but I bought 6 bags and got only one $1 Up, the advertisement is for $1 for every 2 bags. Not that I’m complaining! These candies are not in the Halloween candy section, but in the normal candy section. But please, use some restraint! On another blog people were commenting about buying 40+ bags of candy – we’ll all be making up for the cost savings with doctor and dental bills!

  18. says

    Here’s a pretty good list of what’s generating the UPs:
    * Skittles 14 oz
    * Swedish Fish 14 oz
    * Cow Tail Minis 10 oz
    * Starburst 14oz
    * Jolly Ranchers 14oz
    * Caramel Cremes 12 oz
    * Sour Patch Kids 14 oz
    * Jolly Rancher Pops 10 oz
    * Charms Blow Pops 10.4 oz or 11.4 oz
    * Dum Dum Pops 11.4 oz
    * Lifesaver Mints Wint o Green 13

  19. christine says

    do you think they will honor the ups come next week? i am a little concerned they won’t. i’ve got like $30 in ups,, and my hubby has $5

  20. Julianne says

    I bought 8 bags of candy today- Werther’s, Starburst, Sour Patch, Jolly Rancher- and only got 4 $1 Ups. :(
    It was the Rite Aid on Walerga in Antelope.

  21. C says

    I just bought 2 boxes of the same Sinex pictured above – it wasn’t even labeled as being on sale, just regular price at $8.49/box (which would explain the abundance of them)….they rang up at $5 a piece, I used 2-$4 coupons and received the $5 RR!!!!!! Sweet!!!

  22. Kim says

    I also love the Rite-Aid on Foothills! They are great!
    I went this morning and the $2 UPS did not print on the Skittles. I received only the $1 UPS. I did have $1.00 off coupons to go with them so I still got a great deal. But would have love to have it be a moneymaker! Oh well!!

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