Pinecone Research Open Again! US or Canada

Pinecone is open again and you might hurry if you are interested.  Usually this comes and goes pretty quickly.

Pinecone is a survey company- they send you an email with a survey to take and once you complete it you get $3 cash.  They are usually pretty interesting product research surveys- like what do you think of a new pasta sauce and things like that.

Pinecone is by far the best survey company out there to make a little extra cash from home.  They are currently looking for women in the US here– you can take the survey and if you meet the demographic they need you will be accepted into the program.

They are also looking for women in Canada between the ages of 18-24 only here.

I have been a member of Pinecone since college (about a hundred years ago) and I have yet to hear anything negative.  You aren’t going to make your first million with them but you can certainly make a little extra cash to pay for a few indulgence items!

You can see some other good survey companies to make a little extra money from home right here.


  1. Quia says

    Do you know how long before you hear from them? I have signed up with them twice in the last month thinking maybe they didn’t get my info the first time. Will they contact you wether yes or not? thanks

  2. Jo says

    It says at the end, ‘You are registered, if you qualify you will receive an email in a few days…’

  3. Quia says

    Thank you to both of you for your reply…I guess I didn’t qualify because it has been a few weeks now.

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