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There are several new coupons available on the Safeway site HERE.  You just want to click on category on the left and then Safeway Coupons to see the ones that are store specific.

You should be able to either print the coupons or save them directly onto your club card and the value of the coupon will come off your transaction when you scan your card at checkout.  Now this is the first time I have been able to save the coupons to my club card so I am excited to test this out!

You can save the coupon for the free tote with a $40 purchase or it should be in your weekly ad  (That is a pre-coupon total.)

They also have several new coupons for Bright Green items- which are on sale this week Buy 2, Get 1 Free.

I was able to save the following:

$1 off Bright Green Trash Bags 45 ct – projected price $6.99

$1 off Bright Green Dish Soap 28 oz- projected price $2.49

$.30 off Bright Green Cleaners- projected price $3.00

$.50/1 or $1/2 Bright Green paper products- projected prices: $1.99 for napkins, $4.99 for 6pk paper towels, 6 roll TP $3.99

$1 off Bright Green Fabric Softener

$2.00 off Bright Green Laundry Detergent any size- projected price: $8.99 for 100 oz.

I am wondering if the 3rd coupon will automatically come off when the free item scans.  If anyone decides to test this deal let us know how it works out for you!

Otherwise I think this might be an idea:

Buy 2 Napkins at $1.99 (one will be free)
Buy 1 Dish Soap at $2.49
Get .50 off for the napkins
Get $1 off for the dish soap
Final Price: $2.98 for all 3 items.

See the complete list of deals this week HERE.


  1. jenny says

    Are the downloadable coupons from the safeway website like other ecoupons? Can I use, for instance, the $2 ecoupon from the safeway website for Nivea body wash, which I loaded to the card in addition to the $2 coupon for Nivea from website?

  2. Charlene says

    Jenny I haven’t a clue. This was the first time I was able to save the coupons to my card so I haven’t done any testing personally. If it does work I don’t think I feel comfortable recommending it because that is really stacking manufacturer coupons which I personally don’t think it right. I make an exception for Cellfire, Shortcuts and P&G because they are what they are- but those coupons are from and I guess I just don’t feel comfortable with it. So sorry that isn’t much of an answer.

  3. Heather says

    I went to Safeway today and loaded a $3 off coupon onto my Safeway card for Huggies diapers. I also used their instore coupon that took $2 off and made them $7.99 each. Since I have been burned before by the ecoupons, I used a $2 off coupon I had as well. Well, they all worked and I got a package of diapers for $.99.

  4. Heather says

    Oh and I also did the Bright Green deal you posted… 2 napkins and dishsoap.
    It looks like I paid $1.49 for one package of napkins and $1.49 for the dishsoap with one napkin not ringing up at all. So I don’t think you get the coupon off of the product you recieve for free.

  5. CM says

    Thanks for the tip about the bag! Has anyone confirmed it’s coming off the pre-coupon total? I recently tore one of my old ones, so a replacement would be nice.

  6. Kerri says

    Is anyone else having trouble signing in to load the coupons to your card? I can’t seem to get it to work.

  7. Nicole says

    I’ve tried a few times and still can’t get mine to load. Very frustrating!

  8. Kim says

    I can confirm that the bag is free with $40 before coupon and club cardsavings. I got one just this morning!!!

  9. Charlene says

    Angela click on “see coupons” from the homepage, click on “get coupons now” on the right of the second page you see.

  10. Kelly says

    I can’t get the safeway coupons to load when I use Windows 7 w/ I.E. but they worked fine on XP w/Mozilla, it’s really odd cuz it worked fine about a month ago

  11. says

    You can get the dishsoap and 2 napkins for $1, if you load the $1 off 2 napkins, $1 off dishsoap, and $1 off any BG product coupon. Then, print out a $1 off any BG coupon and use that as well. The end result on the receipt will be:

    Paper Towels (2 packs) $1.49
    Dish Soap $0.49
    minus $1 BG product Coupon

    If you don’t want the napkins and just get the dishsoap, you can get paid $0.50 with the use of the $2 of eQs and the one printed Q.

    To print out the coupon, simply log out of your Safeway account, the click on “print coupons” button on the left hand bar. There will be a $1 off any BG product that you can print once per computer.

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