vlog: Tips to Save Big at The Grocery Store

This is the 1st vlog in a 3 part series I want to do that focuses on showing you how to really start saving at the grocery store every week.  This vlog is really for beginners to teach you about:

1. Sales Cycles
2. Price Books
3. When to use coupons

And as I mention in the vlog- here is my price book.  I would encourage you to create one for your family as well!

You can also see my stock up prices for proteins HERE and drugstore items HERE.

Now this does not include any fresh produce.  To get the best prices on your weekly produce you just want to stick with items that are in season.  I typically go through my weekly grocery store ad to get an idea of what is reasonably priced and the menus are typically created around that.

Stay tuned because I have 2 more vlogs planned in a series for beginners to really get started with saving big bucks at the grocery store.


  1. Christy says

    Thanks for such great information! That really helps me think through my grocery shopping! I had no idea about the sales cycles…and coming up with a price book is a great idea. Such helpful info!

  2. Tina says

    I never looked at it that way , now I know how you could live off a $50 dollar budget . I thought a $100 dollars a week was good . Thanks for the tip.

  3. patti says

    Do you EVER shop at costco? I’ve been doing the majority of my shopping there…But after going to albertsons the other day ..This lady had at least 6 bags of goods adn only paild $60! i was in awe!! I never really thought coupons were worth it.But obviously i was totally wrong. She said Alberstons price matches and takes coupons from other stores. I live in western washington. I’ve learned so much from this site already. Thank you!!

  4. Charlene says

    Where in Western WA? You have a lot of good choices but I didn’t use coupons when I lived there. You have Safeway which I post and Fred Meyer and Albies and QFC which is part of Kroger. I do shop at Costco and the prices are not even close. You will spend probably double or triple on a lot of items. I buy cheese, torillas, bakery bread, sometimes produce- my Costco list is pretty small really.

  5. Charlene says

    I try to buy milk at CVS since I can roll ECBs and use store coupons. Also they have Real CA Milk there so I can use coupons on milk! Otherwise I buy at Costco where it is $4.19 for 2 gallons or Safeway where it is about $5 for 2 gallons.

    For produce it just varies. I check the ads and make my meals from there. So if Eggplant is dirt cheap we have Eggplant Pam, roasted eggplant sandwiches etc.. etc.. I want to have Butternut Squash next week but when I ran to the store it was $2.99/lb. Not a chance I will pay that so I either look for a better deal or I substitute something else.

    I think the key is to avoid that random tossing of things into the cart thing. Yes it takes more time to preplan but then again you won’t have to run back to the store because you forgot some key item.

  6. Stephanie says

    I just wanted to say thank you! I just watched your video and I’m looking forward to learning how to save and spend like you.

    Btw, it was cute hearing your kid in the background. 😀

  7. Leslie Means says

    Thanks for the tips!! I really enjoy your blog – it’s been a big help! My family and I are just in the beginning stages to saving big money – and your coupons and suggestions are getting us off on the right foot! I would like to know what you do for fresh fruit/veggies and milk. These are the staples my family needs each week – that I can’t stock up on – and never seem to go on sale. Any suggestions? Thanks again!! Leslie…

  8. says

    Awesome!! Love this and can’t wait for the next ones! So much great info, Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  9. Rina says

    thank you so so much for the great information. I follow your blog everyday and everyday i find youve posted som new great way to save a buck! You really are awesome and as the other ladies i am very excited to continue to save right along with you. Lol I shared your Vlog on my face book account so that all my friends who think im the only nut that carries a coupon binder and is concerned with saving a dollar will finally see just how simple and worthwhile it really is to be frugal.


  10. Kirsten says

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do a quick video. I already have things stocked in my basement and my husband thinks I’m crazy. But then I start showing him how many of the items were free, and how we have that much while I’m SAVING money every week! I read your blog every day and love the deals that you put together for us newbies. 😉 I have been doing this for about 6 weeks now and can’t wait to become as efficient as you are! Loved your daughter in the background, sounds like my house! So cute….

  11. cjs says

    Thanks for the video – really great! I really have to expand my couponing to include eating out of my pantry and more meal planning…I wish I had a ‘walk-in’ so it would be easier to be organized & take inventory of what I have. It is such a chore to get down on my knees & take everything out of the Waaaaay back. I would love to see a video of how you organize your coupons – unless you already posted that somewhere?

  12. Kelly says

    Ty so much for this but I really wanted to leave a msg to say good job to your daughter! There is no way my kiddos would have made it through a recording without any hollering or any special appreances lol

  13. Jayne says

    Thanks so much! I have been trying to do this and it helps hearing it reinforced :)

  14. katie R says

    I was really having a hard time with my grocery shopping and not being able to bring my bill down. I have a cupboard full of free body washes and lotions and toothpaste etc. but I couldn’t figure out how to feed us cheaply. So thank you – now I just need to keep my eyes open, and figure out my grocery stores.

  15. Charlene says

    Ha- I have snacks! She had milk and crackers and grapes to keep her quiet. Worked for about 6 minutes.

  16. Julia says

    Awesome information! Thank you so much! I have already started making a list of my most common grocery items and am going to start tracking the sales to figure out the sale cycle!

  17. Lara says

    Thanks Charlene – this was a great vlog. Even though I’ve been doing this for a little while I haven’t started a price book and I really need to – since this Mommy brain has a hard time remembering! And on a side note – that peach/pink is a GREAT color on you!

  18. Michelle says

    Thank you so much for this!!! I’ve been following your site for a while now and LOVE it. I’m definitely going to start figuring out my stores sales cycles. Thank you for all your hard work and great tips!

  19. Kim says

    Charlene, your site is THE BEST! I loved this vlog. I will email the link to all my friends who think couponing is too hard. I told the girl checking me out at the grocery store (who happened to think I was a nut from what I was purchasing) that I only buy the sale items and make my menu from my pantry. She said “I never thought of that”. I’m glad we both do it that way.

  20. Rose says

    Thanx for the great info!! I just started learning & my 1st shopping experience was @ Safeway last week. I get your emails & check out your website & write down your list of whats on sale. After all my groceries rang up, my total came out to aroung $150, but after the lovely coupons, I ended up paying a little over $70 with a savings of 55%. It was awesome! The cashier(who looked like a supervisor) said he wanted to go shopping with me next time! I love it!! You are an inspiration during these trying times!!

  21. Samantha says

    After 4 years of college this was probably one of the most useful things I have ever learned!

  22. Christine says

    Awesome. I’ve always mentioned your site to friends and relatives but never paid much attention to your grocery adventures, thinking that the coupon-cutting was a bit much for me. $50 a week is somewhere I’d certainly like to be. Thanks so much for your inspiration and helpful advice~ I’m encouraged to at least give it a try and see…

  23. Tascha says

    what is your location, just curious where the pricebook is for… thanks

  24. Farida says

    I was looking for idea on how to coupon and save money online, and I came across your web sight how to save big on groceries. I find the video to very helpful and I learned so much already. I will surely try these ideas. I just have one question you mentioned to save up those coupons entill things hit low prices what about the expiration date. Don’t they expire before the eight week sale cycle? Does any body know? Thanks so much for this info.


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