Another Walgreens Deal: Cheap Revlon

revlon creme glossRemember the Walgreens January Coupon Book I told you about this morning?  Well the Revlon coupons jumped right out at me and I just knew we would be looking at great deals!

Then Mercedes came up with two great scenarios to get super cheap Revlon this week! Revlon is Buy One Get One Free this week so this is a great time to maximize the coupons!

The Revlon Creme Lip Gloss should be priced at $9.99 (this is the online price so it should be the same in stores)
Buy One Get One Free
Use the $3 off coupon in the January coupon book (it will take $6 off total)
Use (2) $2/1 coupons from the 12/13 SS
Final Price: Both are Free!

EDITED:  I just double checked the ad and it looks like the lip products are not included in the BOGO sale!

There is also a coupon for $3 off Age Defying Foundation. This should be priced at $12.99.
Buy 1 at $12.99
Get One Free
Use the $3 coupon in the coupon book (which takes off $6 total)
Then use (2) $2/1 from the 12/13 SS
Final Price: $2.99 for two!


Buy 2 Age Defying Concealer at $10.49 each
Get One Free
Use the same coupons as above
Final Price: .49 for 2!!

Thanks Heather!


  1. Admin says

    Yup- the drugstores do not run on an 1-30 basis- you can see on the post with the booklet that the coupons are actually valid starting 12/27.

  2. natalie says

    I did not get any Revlon coupons in my Dec.13 SacBee… Am I missing something??? The only one’s I can find are Rimmel London!


  3. admin says

    Hi Natalie,

    One thing to remember is that coupons vary from region to region- some areas don’t get certain coupons and other times the amount of the coupon is different. In this case you might be overlooking it because I have the Sacramento Bee as well and I already used the $2 off coupon. The insert has a Red Lobster ad on the front and inside there is an image of Halle Barry where the coupon is. I can see where I cut it and I used it at CVS already so I am 100% sure it was there.

  4. natalie says

    I do have the Red Lobster coupons… so I must have missed them! Bummer!


  5. Patti says

    I did the concealer deal today after reading it here and had no problems. Thanks so much! 2 for $.49 vs 2 for $20.98 works for me!

  6. genesis says

    Hey, I went to walgreens got the jan coupon book but where do I get the 2$ coupon at ??? I see the 3$ one ??? What’s that ss’?

  7. admin says

    Genesis you will want to look under Where to Begin at the top left corner of the blog and then Click on “What the heck is RP and SS”

  8. CS says

    Natalie…I get 10 SacBee papers a week and none of my 12/13 SS inserts have Revlon coupons in them. Not sure if we should feel better because of that, or not…

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