Recipe: Greek Orzo Pasta
Recipe type: Entree, pasta, lunch
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
Quick and light pasta recipe for summer.
  • Fresh Dill
  • 1½ cups Orzo Pasta
  • 1 cup chopped Red Pepper (fresh or roasted)
  • 1 cup artichoke hearts- roughly chopped
  • ½ cup kalamata or black olives
  • 1 cucumber- chopped
  • olive oil
  • red wine vinegar
  • lemon
  • 8oz feta cheese
  1. Bring pot of salted water to boil.
  2. Add 1½ cups of orzo pasta.
  3. Cook approximately 8-10 minutes or according to package directions.
  4. Drain pasta and add chopped red pepper, artichokes, olives, cucumber and set aside.
  5. Mix a light dressing for the top of the pasta: 6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, three tablespoons red wine vinegar, juice of one half of a fresh lemon, several sprigs of fresh dill roughly chopped, salt and pepper
  6. Wisk together (or add all ingredients to a mason jar and shake like crazy)
  7. Before serving, add feta cheese and marinade. Mix well.
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