Safeway Weekly Ad: 8/27-9/2

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You can see Safeway’s coupon policy right here. Most stores will allow you to stack a manufacturer coupon with the store coupons that can be found in the weekly circulars. You will want to be sure to get a club card to take advantage of the sale prices!

Safeway sale prices tend to vary from region to region so you will always want to double check your local ad! Also, I do not have double coupons in my area so your prices are likely much better than mine! Be sure to read about the new Just for U program rolling out at Safeway! 

This List Has Expired
Meat and Deli
$5.00 Friday


  1. Bonnie says

    RE: mfg coupons…. I tried using on top of what I thought was Safeway coupons where you add to your card (Just4U, etc) and was told they were considered mfg coupons on Safeway site (not store coupons), so they would not accept mfg coupons I got from Sunday paper since it would be considered double mfg couponing :( I thought anything from Safeway site loaded onto my card were from Safeway, not mfg. Hate how they started that. BOO! btw…I’m in No CA

  2. Charlene says

    Ok I was afraid of that and I really appreciate the confirmation. The way they have coupons listed in the ad has changed recently and I wasn’t completely sure if they were just for u (can’t stack) or still standard Safeway coupons (can stack).

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