Savemart and Lucky’s Deals

Here are the Savemart Deals for the week. This is based on the Nor CA ad so you will want to double check your local ad for regional variations! Lucky’s Shoppers should have a very similar ad- but be sure to double check!  Not all stores accept internet coupons. You might want to call ahead and check before you head out!

This List Has Expired
Meat and Deli
Grocery Deals


  1. franki says

    Bay Area/San Jose ad has Organic Grape tomatoes as the freebie with $25 purchase

    .88 for single cup,s of Yoplait greek yogurt too
    Not sure if the Catalina deal works at this store,
    Buy (6-9) $1 CAT/Buy (10+) $1.50 CAT, ends 23rd

    wonder why they make our ads different…

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