Frozen DVD $14.96 (Preorder!)



Oh goodness if you plan to get the Frozen DVD you might want to grab it now at this great price!

The DVD only (not bluray) is available for $14.99.  That is a preorder as this won’t be released until March 18th.

We don’t know the the prices yet in store so if there is an exceptional deal elsewhere you can always cancel your preorder before the 18th.  I do know this will beat the drugstore pricing and we should know Target and Walmart’s price the week before release.

If you want the Bluray, it is still available for $22 as a preorder.

And a few other deals on this movie:

The Digital Download is available now.  You can download it to a computer or iPad and stream it on your TV.  We actually did this and my kids have watched a few times so far.

The Disney Store also has a promotion available to get a $20 off $40 coupon back when you preorder.  They are a few dollars more and I think there might be shipping fees.  Also note the coupons typically can’t be stacked with other promotions online.

(Thanks Coupon Cravings)

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