15 Fun Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorials

I thought it would be fun to do a roundup with a bunch of interesting and fun Rainbow Loom bracelet tutorials. By now just about all of our children probably have these kits so maybe they will find a new style to create and have fun with!

Super 8 Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial // Loom Love

Sailor Knot Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial // Loom Love

Stripetopia Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial // Loom Love

Herringbone Bracelet Tutorial // Loom Love

Rainbow Loom Fishtail Bracelet Tutorial // Katherine Lee for About.com

Owl Charm Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial // Creative Southern Home

Beaded Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial // Halcraft

Rainbow Loom Pencil Grip Tutorial {Video} // The Parenting Channel

Snake Belly Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial {Video} // Rainbow Loom Instructions

Bird of Paradise Rainbow Loom Bracelet Pattern {Video} // Rainbow Loom Instructions

Flower Power Bracelet Instructions {Video} // Rainbow Loom Instructions

Minion Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial {Video}// Rainbow Loom Instructions

Basic Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial {Video} // Michaels

Rainbow Loom Bow Charm Tutorial {Video} // Michaels

Double Fishtail Ladder Rainbow Loom Tutorial {Video} // Michaels

And what my little girl has been working on is the little charms!

butterfly charm

You can see videos to make numerous charm styles from Made by Mommy- including these cute butterflies.    (Scroll down to see pizza, snowflakes, cupcakes and more..)

For those of you with little Spiderman fans, I saw a little guy at school with this Spiderman charm on his backpack.


Ummmm… awesome!!  You can see some fairly complicated designs for Hello Kitty, action heroes, unicorns and more from PG’s Loomacy here.

How to make Rubber Band Bracelets

And if you are wondering what the heck these loom bracelets and kits are all about- check out my post How to Make Rubber Band bracelets.  It covers everything you need to know!  (Note:  this was written way back before these kits were available everywhere 😉

How to organize the rainbow loom

And if you want to jazz up a little $5 kit for your kiddos to hold all their rubber bands, check out my quick and easy tutorial on How to Organize Your Rainbow Loom.    (This was also written way back before these cases were everywhere- you will have a much easier time finding them!)




  1. Momocheet Alles Falls says

    I wonder if we can make a lom bracelet with a creeper’s face and if someone know how can he please make a tuto of it, it will be very helpful,
    Thanks & Love,
    Momocheet Alles Falls.^^


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