The Croods Coupon: $5 off the DVD or Bluray


There is a new coupon for $5 off the Croods on Bluray or DVD. 

I don’t remember seeing this one in any of the weekly ads but the Bluray is listed online at Walmart for $14.96.  Unfortunately it is out of stock so you wouldn’t be able to price match but maybe the price is the same in stores.  The DVD with a free plush toy is listed at $14.99 on Toys R

I really liked this movie.  It is one of those that is great for family night because the adults will find it as funny as the kids.

If you need a gift idea for a family, I love Family Night baskets.  Fill them with a game, movie, candy, popcorn… all items you can buy pretty inexpensively.  Here is one I made for a charity auction last year:

gift basket



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