Rite Aid +Up Reward Games

rite aid games

From December 29-January 25, Rite Aid has a promotion running.  You can collect extra +Ups depending on how much you spend in store.

Here is how it works:

  • Spend $100, receive $15 in +UP Rewards
  • Spend $150, receive $30 total in +UP Rewards
  • Spend $200, receive $50 total in +UP Rewards

That might sound like a lot but if you shop regularly at Rite Aid, this is actually probably very doable in the time frame allowed.

The weekly ads will indicate which items are included in the promotion or you can see a list of items here (starting Sunday 29th).

So once you spend $100 you will get your $15 +Up.  Then it will continue tracking on your account and when you spend $50 more (for a grand total of $150) your next $15 will print out.

You do not need to spend all that money at once, you card will collect your totals as you go. This should be based off pre coupon totals- to be sure you can start checking your receipt as of Sunday to see.  If it is indeed pre-coupon, you will likely hit your totals faster then you might think.

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