DIY Children’s Christmas Ornament

Homemade Children's Christmas Ornament


The girls and I decided to make ornaments this year.  I love little finger print and hand print crafts from little people and I wanted something that we can keep year after year and actually enjoy (not something that would get tucked away who knows where.)

So I spotted these white ornaments at Michael’s for $1.99 each.  They are super heavy (like a pool ball!) so hopefully they will withstand a little abuse.

Homemade thumbprint ornaments

Next my 4 year old just dotted two little thumbprints with brown paint onto the ornament.  I took a fine point Sharpie and drew in the antlers, eyes, legs and a little tail.  Then I grabbed a little red paint and dabbed on a nose.

I took a tiny bit of green to add a collar for Rudolph.

I used my Silhouette to cut her name and the year in vinyl and adhered it to the front of the ornament.  You certainly don’t need a Silhouette though- a Sharpie or paint would work or the craft stores sell small sticker embellishments that could look great.

And that is it!  I think it looks cute!  Homemade and it will be a great memory to keep from year to year.   Our Christmas tree is always a mix of normal ornaments and tons of ornaments we collect from vacations, or the girls make or photo ornaments we do year after year and I love how the tree tells a story.  My girls have one ornament that they are drawn to every year and it was from my very first Christmas tree way back when I was 18 and in college on my own.  It is so fun to pull the boxes out and have all those memories back- I can totally remember using my sister’s employee discount at Cost Plus to buy a few ornaments to decorate my little tiny tree many, many years ago.

Homemade children's ornamants

Oh and for my big girl we went fancy style and added Santa in a sleigh.  She did thumbprints for the sleigh base and Santa’s face and then I painted on and Sharpie’d on Santa.  That one I think we overshot my artistic abilities but still sweet little memory of my girls.

Here is the backside:

Children's ornament crafts for Christmas

And if you want to see some fun recipes, crafts and decor ideas for the holidays, check out my Pinterest Board here. 



  1. says

    Very cute – thanks for sharing. I’m expecting twins in March and hopefully I can start traditions like these with my kids. I still love to see the homemade decorations my mom made when I was a kid – she still has them 30+ years later!

  2. Tatyana says

    Hi Charlene,
    I love this idea, and I’m sure we are going to do something like this.
    Do you think these ornaments will need some kind of protective coating?

  3. Charlene says

    Tatyana, yes I do. I was going to research that. Initially I am thinking Mod Podge.

  4. Charlene says


    I saw a darling idea for newborns- to take a handprint or footprint and dip it in paint and put on an ornament. Much easier said then done though since they clamp those fists pretty tight :)

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