Disney Movie Rewards Countdown to Christmas Codes


Disney Rewards Countdown to Christmas has started.  Through December 25th, get 5 points daily to add to your Disney Rewards account.

The codes have a short expiration date so you can’t catch up at the end of the week.  You will need to check pinterest daily for a new code. 

Here is the code for today:

  • CTC2NM (valid through 12/3 at 8:59PST)

While you are there, you can follow me on Pinterest for lots of cute holiday ideas.




  1. bree says

    Thanks for posting this. Every year I check the ABC Family Christmas page for the new codes and I spent forever looking on the website the other day and could not find them anywhere and I was bummed. Are they not doing it this year or perhaps I just couldn’t find the page? Either way…at least now I can just follow your pinterest and get them-woohoo!

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