Loom Rubber Band Bracelets Starter Kit $8 Shipped


Here is a really great deal on the Loom kits to make rubber band bracelets. 

This is the cheapest price I have seen so far.

You will get 1200 rubberbands in a variety of colors, plus 48 of the s clips (to attach the ends of the bands for the bracelets) and (2) loom hook tools.

So I think this is pretty clse to what you get in the Rainbow Loom and the Rainbow Loom sells for $16.00.

I can’t vouch for the quality of this product but I do have the Rainbow Loom and we have found it to be great quality.

So head over to Tanga and grab your kit for $4.99 plus shipping is $2.99.  

And if you want to learn more about these bracelets, check out my post here:

How to make Rubber Band Bracelets

And if you want to make a cute little case for your kiddos to store all their rubber bands, check this out:

How to organize rainbow loom supplies

(Thanks Savings Lifestyle)



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