Starbucks Bonus Gift Card w/ Coffee Purchase



There is a nice promotion running from Starbucks on bagged coffee or k-cups.

If you purchase (4) bags of specially marked product you will get a little code on the package.  Enter that code and once you collect (4), you will get a $10 Starbucks gift card!


For each star you get an extra prize:

  • 1st Star you collect- Get a bonus star
  • 2nd star you collect- Free tall brewed coffee
  • 3rd star you collect- free food item
  • and the 4th star is when you get a $10 gift card


And I have two deal ideas for you:

WALGREENS- starting Sunday:

Starbucks Ground Coffee or KCups – $6.99
Get 1000 BRP with purchase
Use $4/2 Starbucks KCups coupon from 9/8 insert
or Use $2/2 Starbucks coupon
Final Price: $3.99 each for kcups or $4.99 for coffee

And so you would pay $15.96 for 4 boxes of the coffee and get back a $10 gift card!


Starbucks K-Cups packs 10ct or Starbucks Bagged Coffee with in ad coupon (limit 4) – $6.49
Use $4/2 Starbucks K-Cups coupon from 9/8 SS
or Use $2/2 Starbucks coupon
Final Price: $4.49- 5.49
*Plus there is a promotion to get a $5 coupon toward a Starbucks gift card from the gift card mall.

{Deal Idea}
Buy 2 KCups boxes for $6.49
Use $4/2 Starbucks coupon
Pay $8.98 and get $5 back toward a Starbucks gift card
(I think the gift cards start at $25)

Do the same transaction again and you will have paid a total of $17.96 for (4) boxes of coffee and then you should have (2) $5 Safeway catalinas toward a Starbucks gift card in the gift card mall, plus a $10 gift card to Starbucks!

That is a great deal!  The bagged coffee option is just $1.00 more per bag- so still a great deal!

**Make sure the coffee you purchase has the specially marked package!


  1. Junglewife says

    I did this. I printed off two $2/2 coffee coupons and used them at Safeway yesterday, then entered the codes. Nothing showed up in my account. So today I get the Sunday paper and see along with the coupons an ad for the grocery challenge. It says that the promo didn’t start until today (Sunday)! I was very careful to look at the ad you linked to, and nowhere did it give a start date for the promo. It just said from NOW until October 19… So I have written an email to Starbucks and hopefully they will still let me get the bonuses :-(

  2. Charlene says


    I understand you are upset and I looked for a start date too and didn’t see it listed. Starbucks has excellent customer service and I am sure they will fix the problem for you. I didn’t link to some random page- I linked directly to Starbucks where the promotion was featured. So before you get all upset and angry, I would give them a chance to help you with the problem.

  3. Junglewife says

    Oh, I definitely will give them a chance to fix it! Thanks for responding, I am not upset at you at all! I know you linked directly to their page. I logged in to my Starbucks card account, then clicked on your ad and then could see my name at the top of the page even with the ad loaded. I then clicked on the link at the bottom of the ad that said “enter your first code here” or something like that, because I thought maybe entering the codes had to be linked through the promo ad. So anyway, I feel I did everything right and hopefully I will hear back from them soon!

  4. Charlene says

    Well I have had problems in the past with stores in my area and they have taken a few days but always sent me free coupons and such right away. Once I was charged the Canadian price for a cup and the girl argued with me that was the right price and I finally just paid it and left ;). They sent me like 3 free item coupons. But those stickers were already up on Saturday so I bet they have a lot of people with similar issues. I guess the worst case would be to return the items and rebuy them…

  5. Junglewife says

    I hope they do fix it. I am just waiting for them to get back to me :-)
    I suppose I *could* return the coffee but I really wouldn’t feel right about doing that, having already peeled off the star code stickers…

  6. Jj says

    I just came back from Safeway, there was lots of starbucks coffee bags in clearance with the 50% sticker.
    I have personalized price 6.87 in my just 4 u acc. So, paid 5.52 after 2 /2 coupons from last sunday, for 4 bags and got the $5 off catalina for the 15 starbucks gift card.

  7. EC says

    Possible overlapping Starbucks deal at Sfwy:
    On my Facebook feed I saw a Groupon deal. $9 for a bag of Starbucks coffee from Safeway + a free $5 Starbucks giftcard. So like paying $4 for the bag, but potentially sweeter if the bag qualifies for your thing with the Star posted above (? Not sure.)

  8. Junglewife says

    I did get the gift card. it was an e-gift that came into my email box.


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