New $2 off Jif Nut Butter Coupon


There is a new $2 off coupon for Jif Almond or Cashew Butter.

I have not seen these products yet but that is a nice high value coupon.

I like to have almond butter on a whole wheat English Muffin for a fast and hearty breakfast.  I also like these nut butters for school because so many children have peanut allergies.

Head over to grab your Jif coupon while it lasts.

And if you happen to have almonds on hand, you can whip up your own Almond butter super fast with this recipe.

Easy Almond Butter Recipe {Healthy and Delicious!}


  1. cathy says

    I have seen the Jif Almond butter at my local Safeway store in San Jose.
    About 1 month ago, I got a Just 4 U offer for FREE Jif Almond butter. It was pretty good :) We regularly buy peanut butter.

  2. Sherry says

    They have these at my Raley’s and were recently on price cut for $6.49

  3. Melania Willingham says

    I live in north Alabama and have seen these in Walmart they have both a creamy and crunchy version of both:)

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