How to Make Ponytail Ribbons for Girls (Pony-os)

How to Make Pony O Ribbons for Girls

I know many of you might have little girls involved in various sports or dance or cheer and I wanted to post how to make these cute little hair ribbons.

My 6 year old is back in soccer this fall, which is so much fun and a highlight of the weekend.  I wanted to make some cute little hair bows for her to wear in her games and these little ribbons are very easy to put together.

You can adjust the colors and patterns to suit just about any activity.  Those of you that like to watch professional teams or that are tailgaters can make these too and they would be so adorable.  Planning a trip to Disney?  Little red and black and white ribbon would be perfect and there are all sorts of Mickey and Minnie ribbons out there.

These are officially called “Pony-o” ribbons and they typically run about $5 each if you spot them at street fairs or on Etsy.  They are really easy to make though and pretty inexpensive.

To get started you just need a few things-

  • Ribbon of your choice (between 3-7 ribbon styles is usually best)
  • Scissors
  • A lighter
  • Needle and thread (optional)
  • Ponytail holder
  • Ruler or sheet of 81/2 x 11 paper

Our team is the Bumblebees so I went with a yellow and black color scheme.  I am going to make some for ballet for my little one next and those will probably be soft pink and purple colors.

To start you want to lay out your ribbon and cut it to the length you prefer- typically 12 inches to 24 inches.  This will depend on the length of your child’s hair.  My little girl has shoulder length hair so I cut it at 12 inches.  It will hang 6 inches on each side which is about right.

If someone has walked away with your ruler, you can use a paint stick or a standard piece of paper and just eyeball that extra inch.

How to make ponytail ribbons

Next you want to lay out the ribbon in a criss cross pattern like pictured above on the right.  This will make a fuller pony-o.  If you prefer to use less ribbon, you can stack the thickest piece on the bottom and stack up to the thinnest piece of ribbon.  Whatever look you prefer is going to be great!  I kept the ribbon fairly close together on my criss cross but if you want it bigger just make a larger X with your ribbons.

How to Make a Pony o

I like to use just a dab of hot glue on the center of each ribbon as I am stacking them to keep it all nicely in place and make it easier to handle.

After that take the regular old ponytail holder and put it under the ribbons at the center.  Push the needle through the ribbon in the center point and through the rubber band.

how to make a pony o ribbon

You can skip this step and just hot glue the hair band to the ribbon, but the thread will give so much more security to the ribbons when your child is running around.  If you decide to hot glue, I would flip the ribbons on the back, hold the hair band in place and hot glue like crazy so it stays nice a secure.  Hold it until the glue dries.

how to make girl's hair bows

Now twist the thread around and around several times so you get it nice and tight.  Either tie off the ends of the thread or I just hot glued them.

how to hair ribbons for girls

And to finish it off, you can take the thinnest ribbon you have and cut it in about an inch or two strip.  Tie that around and hot glue the undersides.

I found cute little soccer ball buttons as Joann’s crafts so for one I tied the ribbon around and for another I hot glued the button to the top.

Two more steps and you are done.

How to make girls hair ribbons


Either cut the ribbon tips in a V or at any angle to give it a more polished look.  I like to mix and match the cuts with my ribbons.

And the very last step is to seal the ribbon so it doesn’t get little stray threads.

I take a lighter and hold it about 1/2 inch from the ends of the ribbon.  That will seal it from fraying.  You don’t want to burn the ribbon- so the flame won’t actually touch the ribbon just kind of kiss it :).  If you don’t have a lighter on hand you can just leave it or dab a bit of clear nail polish or mod podge on the ends- just a little!


How to Make Hair Bows for Girls

Cute right?  And so easy!  I bought a few spools of ribbon on sale and with coupons and such so I probably paid about $1-2 each.  The little soccer ribbon was sold out at my local craft stores but I did find it for $3 at Walmart.

So for about $10 you can make several of these little Pony Os.  This would be a cute project for the girls to do together too.

Here is another one that I made for Superbowl (we are Seahawks fans) and happily the colors also work for my preschoolers school colors.  They have school spirit days where the kids wear school shirts and these little ribbons look so cute.

How to make hair Ribbons for Girls

And if you do have little girls, have you checked out these adorable little Rubber Band Bracelets they can make?  My six year old has made a bunch of these.

How to make Rubber Band Bracelets


  1. Tatyana says

    I was just thinking about something like this, but in school colors. Thank you for idea

  2. Charlene says

    Great idea Tatyana! We have to wear our school shirts once a week so this would be perfect :) Great for field trips too!

  3. cathy says

    On top, is the soccer ball a bead, button or jewel? Where did you get it? Cute ribbons!

  4. sandra says

    thanks! soccer season is upon us & i’m making these for my daughters team! thanks for the easy instructions… i’m a crafting idiot but these instructions are easy enough for me to follow! :)


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