Free Children’s App: Sparky’s Birthday Surprise


I have a free app to tell you about today- this one is designed for children aged 2-10.

There is an app and a free ebook called Sparky’s Birthday Surprise.  This is a resource designed to teach children about fire safety.

This app came along at a great time for us because one of my 1st graders little classmates just had a house fire and her family lost everything but the clothes on their back.  Heartbreaking and a little confusing to my 4 and 6 year olds.  We went shopping to grab a few necessities to help the family out and my girls were very concerned about getting cute hair bows and necklaces- rather then the toothbrushes and pajamas that mean Mommy insisted on buying :).

You can get the app and ebook for free for most devices here.

I downloaded the app for my girls and the first part is a free ebook- the ebook is interactive though!  It is really cute because the child can have it read to them or they can read it.  As they go through each page of the book they can click on various items (like a hose in the fire house) and something will happen!  Sparky the dog comes down the pole, the fire hose drips water, you touch the oven and it says HOT, milk pours from a pitcher.   Really cute!

sparky app

That is my little Maya clicking away.

And you can feel good about letting the little ones play with this app because once they are done with the book, there are games, activities and painting they can do.

Maya clicked on games and the app told her to click the pinata in the tree 10 times.  (So she was counting out loud to 10.)

The other thing she thought was funny was a section where they have a little song about fire safety “when you hear beep, beep, beep get outside don’t stay asleep.”

Anyway, it is all very cute and if you have small children this might be something to take a look at.  And if you are an educator or homeschooler, there is a section on the web site with materials just for you.  I passed this on to our child’s teacher.  It is certainly applicable since they have been talking about fire in the class lately.

Head over here to get more info and download the free resources.


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