New Disney Releases: The Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood and Oliver and Company


Disney fans might be interested to know that the Anniversary Editions of 3 movies will be released this week. They have lots of special features and include the blu-ray.

August 6th, you can get the following Disney movies:

I know that many of you like to get these special releases so I wanted to mention them in case you wanted to order.

We have seen a few of these movies and they were all very cute.  The movies are bright and colorful and have interesting stories your children may not yet have heard.  Oliver and Company was a favorite for us and right now you will also get $10 movie cash to spend on a Smurfs 2 or Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 movie ticket with purchase!  Such a great deal!

You can get them from Amazon with free shipping if you have Prime or place a $25 order.

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