How to Make Rubber Band Bracelets

How to make Rubber Band Bracelets

Rubber Band Bracelets

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 Have you seen these rubber band bracelets yet?  This is a huge craze for kids that hit some cities last year.  In our area, we were first introduced to these a few months ago.

When I volunteered at VBS we found lots of children had these cute little bracelets on and one of my campers actually made a bracelet for me.  My 5 year old loved them so we went on a mad hunt to try and figure out how to make them.  It was ridiculous trying to find the darn kits- none of the craft stores carried them and “rubber band bracelet” didn’t turn up much for me online.

So finally we found the Rainbow Loom kit and my (now) 6 year old has been making bracelets like crazy.

If you are interested in getting one of these kits for your child, I have details about what comes in the kit below and then scroll down to the bottom for resources to actually make different patterned bracelets.

Rubberband Bracelets

My little girl has been making bracelets like crazy and even took the kit when we went out to dinner.

She made bracelets for the entire family (including Grandpa and Daddy) and made little matching bracelets for the two of us to wear:

how to make rubber band bracelets

You can make the bracelets thicker, add charms to them, make rings… there are a lot of different ways to use these kits.  I do recommend buying a kit to get started because here is what you will get:

The Loom- this is what you use for some of the more complicated designs.  For the simple bracelets you don’t need the loom but it is nice to have it.  The kit also comes with a little Crochet Hook that you can see my daughter using above and a blue thingy that you use to hold one of the bracelets and to get them started off of.


Plus 600 Rubberbands in assorted colors

rubber bands

And the little plastic clips (called C Clips) that attach the bracelet.



There are two major kits to choose from- the first one is the Rainbow Loom and that is the one we have.  It looks like this:

rainbow loom

It is $14.99 at Michael’s Stores (note: store coupons do exclude the Rainbow Loom)- which is a great price because you will get 600 Rubber Bands.  (The adult size bracelet I am wearing above is 25 rubberbands- so that is a lot of bracelets!)

You can also find the Rainbow Loom kit at Learning Express stores for $14.99.  You might check your local store because many of them have free classes on different patterns to make with the kit.

If you don’t feel like driving around- or you want to send this off as a gift- you can order from Amazon here. 

craz loom

The other big option is the Cra-z-Loom kit from Toys R Us.  This one is $14.99 as well.  I am not seeing much of a difference in the kits- we decided on the Rainbow Loom and have had great luck with it.  I did check out the Cra-z-loom and the bands didn’t seem as stretchy to me and I was disappointed with the colors.  I thought they would be shimmery or glittery or bright like the box suggests but I did not find that to be the case in store.

And if you want additional rubber bands, those are pretty reasonably priced right now.

You can get 600 rubberbands plus 24 C-Clips for $5.50 shipped from Amazon. 

You can also choose the individual colors and get those for about $6 with shipping fees– I just picked up the Glow in the Dark ones!

It looks like the refills for the Cra-z-loom might be a little cheaper at 900 for $5.99 in Toys R Us stores but I don’t think they come with the C-Clips.

rainbow loom bracelets

So there you have it!  Once you get your kit Michael’s has made some easy to follow you tube videos here. (Just scroll down)

So that is the scoop on these really cute rubberband bracelets!  And note these are not just for little girls!  Boys can make these as well!  Team colors would be really fun- my husband is a soccer fan so he got a bracelet in Yellow and Green (for the Brazil national team) and it looks great!

craft board

You can see lots more craft ideas for children on my Pinterest board here.

How to organize the rainbow loom

And you can see the cute little case I customized for my little girl here for her Rainbow Loom.  The total cost was just $5!



  1. Charlene says


    I can’t even begin to think of how long the post would be if I did detailed instructions on all the different bracelets to make. I would need tons of photos too. I think the blog post would turn into a novel. Sorry 😉

  2. Amanda Moran- Sansone says

    You mentioned your daughter started making them at 5 years old. My daughter will be 5 in January and LOVES arts and crafts, and making bead necklaces. Do you think she is too young to get this for her birthday? I’m finding deals everywhere with Christmas coming up and would love to snag a great deal if she can use it.
    Thanks for all the info!

  3. Charlene says

    Amanda, yes I think so. Mine is actually 6 but she just turned 6 in August. The bands are best suited for little tiny fingers and it is great to teach them patience and concentration :)

  4. Wanda Morris says

    You have described the kits and where to buy them.
    I have a cra-Z-loom kit.
    I need directions that can be printed out.

  5. Lola says

    Hello. A way you can make mini key chains is taking 2 rubber bands and make the + sign on the loom. You then take the side you put on first and cross 1 piece over to the next one on the rubber band. You take the one originally on the rubber band piece and cross it over to the one you had before crossed over to the one your switching to. Keep doing until A: it breaks or B: it is really tight or c: it the desired length for you

  6. kirsch says

    The cheapest refills I’ve found is at Joann Fabrics, where you can get packs of 1000 for $3.99 or 500 for $1.99 (and on top of that, they always have 40% off coupons that can be printed out). However, I’ve found that they smell very plasticky and that washing with dishwashing liquid doesn’t help. We bought our Rainbow Loom at the local Goodwill (wow, totally lucked out, as we didn’t even realize what huge craze it is), and haven’t had any experience with the non-generic rubber bands. The ones at Joanns are Darice brand. What has been your experience with regards to any smell in the elastics? I’m wondering if there is anything toxic to be worrying about… Thanks!

  7. Charlene says

    Kirsch, I have not had that issue with the ones we buy. I think there is something to be said for paying just a little more sometimes and getting better quality. You can’t use coupons on these items at Joann’s. At least not at mine.

  8. Dorothy says

    Thanks for the info. We have found the bags of bands at Ollie’s store. 300 for $1.49. They have a great variety of colors – some that are scented, glow in the dark, ones that are clear that turn to a color when exposed to the sun, metallics, pastels, tie dye, pearl.

  9. Mark says

    I kinda dislike how they made a big profit out of other peoples ideas this started in the schools in Puerto Rico. I’am still proud that this idea got out and everyone is doing it but it’s bothering me how the prices are a little high for rubber bands

  10. Sarah says

    @Kirsch- I agree about the ones from Jo-Ann’s. They sure do stink! I found that putting the rubber bands in a Ziploc baggie with some baby powder, shaking the baggie, and then rinsing them off gets rid of the smell. Oddly, I just ordered some directly from the Rainbow Loom website and they smell even worse than the ones from Jo-Ann’s. I haven’t tried the baby powder trick on these yet, but I’m really hoping it works!

  11. Jayne says

    I ordered one of these band loom sets for my granddaughter, who is 6, for Christmas… I got it today…. just the loom and a bag of rubber bands… no instructions, no name… nothing…. can anyone tell me where I can download and print instructions for her to be able to make these?

  12. Charlene says

    Jayne, where did you order? There are links in the post for videos she can watch. I think printed directions would be very difficult to follow but if that is what you want, I suggest getting in touch with the company you purchased the Loom from.

  13. Adriana Richard says

    LOL … I have the same name as you and I love to make bracelets just like you !!!

  14. Matthew says

    Hi Charlene my daughter wants to make charms on her car z loom but she can’t find any ways to make them because on YouTube they’re only videos of rainbow loom ones can you help me please.
    If you can thank you!

  15. Charlene says

    I am sorry Matthew I am not sure how to help. I am not that familiar with the Craz Loom.

  16. sandy says

    thanks for the info…how old is your daughter…I have 5 yr. granddaughter …is she too young..think they look neat..

  17. Charlene says

    Sandy in that photo she was just turning 6. I think it depends on her attention span- does she like to do crafts and can she sit still for a few minutes? My 4 year old is not a Loomer- she has no patience and gets bored easily doing crafts.

  18. elmo says

    whoa this is ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………AMAZING where did you find this

  19. Jeepy says

    Michaels also has books with patterns in it as well as nice plastic kit boxes to hold your loom and bands. I believe the books are like 5.99 each.

  20. jack says

    i have the loom and at my ollies they are 97 cents i think you should be paying less

  21. kendra says

    The you tube video patterns for the rainbow loom work the same for the cra z loom :)

  22. melissa egloff says

    My niece showed my boys 8 and 9 yrs old how to make them so I ended up going to Michael’s also and bought them the kits the looms they have are the ones that u can take apart and add extra rows I like those the best but any will do even though they are boys they have done got their friends interested in making them lol some of the girls they hang out with will often have my boys show them new patterns my boys make them and then sell them I’m actually surprised at how much they have made they really enjoy making them

  23. sarah says

    Any Dollar General has Looms + 700 rubber bands + S clips, they also sell more rubber bands for like 2 bucks

  24. andy says

    I have 2 rainbow loom and i enjoy making them i made a iphone 4 phone case that i love rainbow loom so much thank u for rainbow loom who create it thx.<3

  25. KK says

    Sooo my little sister is making these bracelets and selling them to raise money for cancer research.. how much do you think people would pay for them?

  26. Jermaine Mintuck says

    This isn’t free to GET a loom, but you can get them knockoff looms for pennies on the dollar at dollar stores. Just scour local dollar stores for these looms. They usually come with a hefty bag or so of rubber bands to go with them.

    I bought 2 looms this way, a smaller loom and a bigger loom.

  27. says

    Hi my grownup son an daughters have making the bracelets since they came here to son makes the more complex ones for me which are fabulous. My daughter an grandaughters have had a ball making matching necklace s, bracelets an rings.its been great therapy for our fourteen year old who has cerebal palsey. Thank you.

  28. Kevin Healey says

    I support an 11 year old through World Vision. My natural grand daughter is the same age and is into the colourful rubber band bracelets and the like. I thought it would be a good idea to send my WV grand daughter a kit and I’m looking for written and / or sketched instructions in Arabic. Can anyone help me.

  29. tatyanna says

    this is so awesome because I love tom make bracelet’s when im bored to death.

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