Shutterfly: Free Photobook (Pay Shipping)


Shutterfly is offering a free photobook code right now for a wedding guestbook.  You will have to pay shipping but the book itself is free.

Now I know a lot of us don’t need wedding guestbooks but this particular book would also work to write little notes by the photos “Sophie scored two goals on the first game of the season!” or whatever it is.

So you will want to head over here first and request your code.

Once yout get your code, head over here to Shutterfly to get started working on your book.

This is good for a free 8×11 20 page book.   Although Shutterfly is highlighting the guest books, I actually tested my code on a regular hardcover photobook in the 8×11 size and my code worked perfectly.

I was charged $8.99 for shipping + taxes which is an exceptional deal.

And if you want some ideas to create a family yearbook, check out the article here.




  1. kristy says

    Great! I always work on a book through the year and order them when there’s a free promotion.

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