Despicable Me 2 Movie Cash w/ Purchase of DVD


It looks like there will be a really nice deal coming at Target over the weekend.

Hop, Paranorman and Despicable Me are priced at $8.99- and you get a free little 2 inch figure with purchase.

Plus it looks like the movies have peelie coupons on the front for up to $7.50 in movie cash toward a Despicable Me 2 movie ticket.

If you planned to see this one anyway it works out to be a fantastic deal.

I am not sure if Hop and Paranorman also have the movie cash but you can take a look in stores.

There are also offers for the following:

  • Madagascar DVD $14.99- get $7.50 to see Turbo
  • Ghost Protocol $11.99- get $7.50 for World War Z
  • Colombiana $11.99- get $10 for White House Down

**And just a reminder that a similar promotion is available for Turbo!  We can’t wait to see this movie.

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