Kandoo Children’s Products Coupon $2 off

Here are two new Kandoo coupons for the personal care items.

They carry hand sanitizer, soaps and bath products for children.  Usually when I think of Kandoo, I think of the flushable wipes but when you register for these coupons it says pretty clearly the coupon is not to be used for wipes:

So boo on that one but on the positive side, I think that hand soap is about $2.75 or so.  You should be able to get a nice deal there.

I checked Toys R Us and they have the shampoo and body wash listed online for $3.29- Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

If that is the same price in stores, you would get it for $1.29 or get 3 items for $2.58.

You can get the Kandoo Coupon for $2.00 off here

and get the Kandoo coupon for $1.50 off here

Please note these are PDF coupons and some stores won’t accept them. Most likely you won’t have any issues but just a little warning so you are prepared.

**If you are headed toTarget you can still get Up & Up handsoap for $.39.

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